Flower arrangement and cold porcelain

Do you do needlework and still have not tried to make floral arrangements in the technique of cold porcelain? It's time to fix it! To prepare cold porcelain you need: - 50 grams of starch; - 50 grams of soda; - 50 grams of water;
- any dye. For decoration of the composition you will need: - organza; - silicone gun and glue; - toothpicks (approximately 20-25 pieces ); - thin wire 1 m; - polyfoam; - pot or other ceramic vessel; - varnish in a can; - beads. So, for start you need to cook cold porcelain. In an aluminum saucepan, you should mix the starch and soda, then add a little dye into the water, let it dissolve completely and then pour the liquid into this pan and mix it well with other ingredients.
 cook cold porcelain You need to boil porcelain over a small fire, stirring constantly for about 3 minutes, but you need to monitor the consistency, the mixture should be thick and barely be torn from the walls of the pan.After the porcelain is ready, it needs to be allowed to cool.
 cook cold porcelain
To make roses you need to tear off a small piece of porcelain, spread it on the palm of your hand. In fact, this resembles modeling of plasticine.
 a small piece of porcelain
The toothpick, held in a vertical position, must be carefully attached to the first petal.
fasten the first petal
So, one by one, mount until a small rosette comes out.
small rosette
You can choose its size. Not all roses will have the same number of petals - no problem, as long as they are approximately the same size.
 same number of petals
For composition you need at least 7 pieces In any case, it is better to make 2-3 pieces of spare. The flowers should dry for 3 days. You can not put them in the sun.When they are completely hardened, be sure to varnish them (it is better to use a varnish in a can). During these 3 days you will be able to choose the 7 most beautiful roses, moreover, if the lower petals failed to consolidate, during this time they can simply fall away.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/6/1821-rozochki.jpg" alt="roses" title="roses">
 varnish them Now you can proceed to the decor. To do this, cut the organza into small squares, approximately 5x5 cm. They do not have to be even, because small corners will only decorate the composition.
proceed to the decor

They need to be bent diagonally, then in half, so that a small triangle emerges. Now it should be fixed on a toothpick, and fixed on the bottom with wire.
 fix with wire
 with a toothpick
There will be about 10 such triangles. In the same way, you need to make 7 triangles, only the organza should be fixed in the middle of the toothpick, so that a white bead can be glued to the tip with silicone glue.Such triangles need 7 pieces.
 glue with silicone glue
 white bead
The next step is to assemble the entire composition. It is necessary to cut a circle out of foam plastic and insert it into the pot so that it can be used to fix all the details.
 assembling the whole composition
First inserting roses.
First you need to insert roses
Then, between them, using tweezers, you need to insert triangles with beads. Where there is an empty space - decorate with simple triangles.
 insert triangles with beads
That's all, floral composition in the technique of" cold porcelain " ready!
 flower arrangement and cold porcelain