Flowers for polymer clay decor

The time has passed when there was only clay and ordinary clay! Now there is such a variety of materials for creativity, that around the head of what else to do. Polymer clay is a godsend for creative people. This is a very pleasant to the touch material, which is a pleasure to work with. In this master class we will work with self-hardening polymer clay. It has its advantages and disadvantages, which you will become familiar with during the master class. You will also learn how to quickly make beautiful flowers that can be useful for decoration. For the modeling we will use the self-hardening polymer clay FIMO air Light. There are several other worthy producers whose clay you can use, for example, Decoclay. FIMO air Light differs in that it is completely environmentally friendly and it is pleasant to work with. We also need toothpicks, scissors and stack. With such a simple set of tools and hands, you can create pretty beautiful flowers.
With we cut off the stack as much clay as we need and immediately wrap the clay in a film and bag so that it does not dry out.
 we cut the clay
We put the good clay in our hands and roll out a little sausage.
roll out a small sausage
Re press using the stack on as many pieces as there are flowers we will sculpt and of the size that we need. Immediately send the pieces in a closed package. This is a drawback of self-hardening clay, which needs to be sculpted quickly until all the moisture has evaporated and the clay still remains plastic.
 Mode using the stack
Form from each piece a ball, and a drop from it with hands (do not forget to hide it in a bag).
Take but Nitsa and the tips cut a wide portion droplets into four parts Carefully straighten the formed petals of the future flower and form them with the help of a toothpick. It is very simple: we pry the petal on the index finger and with a toothpick we press it from beginning to end until the form we need is formed. You can fold the edges of the petals down, and you can make unopened petals - it all depends on your imagination and manual dexterity.
 droplets into four parts
Making a hole in a flower with a toothpick to insert a bead there.
 insert a bead there
You can make as many petals as you need. The surface of the toothpick allows you to create an unusual relief on the petal, but for depth you can use a few "scratches" with the tip of the toothpick from the center to the middle of the petal.
The bottom part can be trimmed if necessary for decorated surface.
 cut off
If you do not have all the colors of clay,you can create it yourself. Just add a few drops of acrylic paint and knead the clay well. Do not overdo it so that the clay does not lose all its properties and is not liable to the hands.  surface to be decorated
Stringing on our toothpicks and giving them dry up.
make petals
With the help of paint we can paint the middle of our flowers.
While the clay is not withered in the middle, you can insert beads or beads - it is ideal for the size of the hole. We get beautiful flowers that can decorate any surface.  Flowers for polymer clay The advantages of self-hardening polymer clay are that allows you to quickly make very light, almost weightless flowers.  Flowers for Polymer Clay