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“We are participating in SubaFest’e for the third time, and with great pleasure. After all, Forester Moscow Club is a boarding club, so the opportunity to see a large number of teammates together is rarely provided. Weekly meetings are not at all, not many people gather at them. And on SubaFest come even from other regions and countries. For example, from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus. Many take children with them - this is a great opportunity to spend an unusual weekend with your family. Registration of participants from the club was held in advance, and there were 330 people on the list!


In general, we, Forester Moscow Club * organize competitions for ourselves every week: either we rent a track in Tushino, then we run on a frozen pond and alternate. We even have our own club championship. That's just with the winter at this time no luck, the real started quite recently, so our championship just started.


There is a lot to do at SubaFest, and participation in the festival is free. Only for food you have to pay. But the main highlight for us is the ice race. And all the "prudomanyaki" participate in races on the SU "Ice asphalt". "


For us, the test drive is not the main thing in the festival, since we already traveled on different Subaru models: we took them from comrades.The most exciting thing is the races on the SS1 Ice Frost. This route of all presented most of all corresponds to the essence of Subaru - sideways movement. On a straight line on Subaru to go it is uninteresting.


We like the Legacy both externally and dynamically, so much so that when choosing a car for the second time, we will buy this Subaru model again! ”


"And to us, frankly, the summer SubaFest liked more. In summer, the weather was favorable, and the situation as a whole, and the organization. In winter, plus one - this is an ice track. Of course, it is interesting to ride on it sideways. "