"Kare on the leg": 27 stylish images for your transformation

Kara firmly settled in a series of hair-trends and has not given up for a long time. However, his classic form began to bother beauties. Do not hesitate, try the original square on the leg. It will refresh the habitual image of the lover of the square and make the image more seductive and elegant. Such a square will suit fashionable women of any age and occupation. In addition, it is easy to lay and wear. And everything you need to know about cutting a bob on the leg - read in the material!

What it looks like

Any length is suitable for it (down to the shoulders). Its main principle - the line from the front (at the face and approximately to the middle of the ear) visually elongates due to a short line behind (zone behind the ears and the back of the head).

This type of hairstyle allows andthin strands look more magnificenteven with almost no styling. Its difference isclarity and graphical linesthat in general gives the owner of a hairstyle a more youthful, energetic look.The outline is rectangular. Hair, trimmed in this way, as if they themselves rise and beautifully fit in the form of a cap (or mushroom caps - hence the name).
The photo shows such a charming hairstyle.

To whom

Ideal for women with a triangular, bony face and sharp, angular features. It also looks good on the photo in combination with an oval or elongated face.

Chubby girlsNot recommended, because it opens the whole face and emphasizes its severity.
It is important that the woman had a graceful, fragile, narrow-shouldered figure. At the same time you need to have a rather long neck of a beautiful shape, since yourneck will opencompletely from all sides. On the bottom photo is perfectly noticeable.

If it is too short, the haircut will look inelegant.
This hairstyle can be done either on straight, or on slightly wavy strands. Their color and structure in terms of aestheticsdoes not matter, although it is believed that the perfectly cut hair on the leg looks on dark or chestnut thick hair. See below photo of this option.

If you lighten up, you may have problems with styling.The bleached hair, and so dried up, is easily damaged by the iron.

Haircut options

There are several main types:

The hairs behind are slightly shorter than the front, and in front they go down to the level of the chin or below, the back of the head is not cut off. Example - bob-leg on the leg: bangs excluded, neck covered.

The back of the head is covered, the neck is open, the strands in the front below the back are several centimeters.

The difference between the back and front of the hairstyle is underlined, the line at the front is extended. The photo is perfectly noticeable.

The nape is cut almost to the middle, while the line in front goes down far below the chin. Especially goes to women with a triangular face.

Graduated four leg.

Graduation is done"Ladder"into which the straight line of strands turns. The length is gradually increasing.

It looks best onstraight or thin hair. Visually perfectly increases the volume.

Variant with bangs

Looks alternative, creates a creative, subcultural image. Hides imperfections of appearance (too high / low forehead), makes facial features more clear. Chelochka can be:

thick, even



Any length is possible

On thin hair, long, almost from the middle of the head, bangs sometimes look just ridiculous. Therefore, it is better to leave the bangs less dense, let it begin closer to the facial line of hair growth.


With thick hair, this hair just enough to lay a hair dryer. If they are thin, then it is recommended to lay the iron in a dry way or with the help of large curlers on wet hair.

Haircut "square on the leg" provides a lot of opportunities for experimentation, and your image will change with it.