Garden figurine "Owlet"

Garden figures
Garden figures- a luxury that not everyone can afford. You must agree that in the summer season there is so much that you need to give three to five thousand, albeit for a beautiful, but not functional thing, somehow pitiful. Meanwhile, while there are long winter evenings outside the window, you can spend them on making garden sculptures with your own hands. For a start, we would suggest doing something not too cumbersome, for example, a owl figure. For the sculpture, we need a comfortable workplace, and a place to mix the mixture, building plaster (about 6 cups), water, wooden skewers or thick wire , form (5 liter bucket), plastic bag, self-hardening polymer clay packaging FIMO or other (500 g), gouache, two eyes (we have a pair of glass marbles), two artistic brushes (№5 and №1), lacquer matte , stacks for sculpting (we have this function performs the usual manicure pusher), h polar and yellow nail polish for decoration eye. Pedestal-stump. Let's start with the mix of gypsum, this will prepare 5 liter bucket,We put a package into it, aligning it on the walls so that it fits snugly. Separately we knead gypsum (about 4 glasses), so that it was like cottage cheese with sour cream, but homogeneous.
knead plaster
Quickly transfer it to the bucket, it fills one third of the bucket. Quickly laundered form. In the middle we insert skewers, on them the figurine will be fastened, that is half of skewers are buried in a plaster, the second sticks out the top. Hands flatten the surface of gypsum, leave it for two hours to freeze.  level the surface of gypsum
The base of the figure. Carefully pull out the pedestal from the bucket, we release it from the cellophane.  pull out the pedestal from the bucket Mix the gypsum again in the same consistency and lay it out with our hands on skewers, we envelop them, form the contours of the figures of a sitting owl. We wash the form, and leave the pedestal with the figure to harden for a day.
Mix the gypsum again
 harden today Sculpture of owl figurines. We take polymer clay and tools.
Mowing the owl figurines
Tearing small pieces from the whole piece, (the remaining plastic is immediately wrapped in cellophane so that the remnants do not harden ahead of time), we begin to sculpt the head, shoulders, wringing clay to the plaster base .
Sculpture of owl figurines
Pusher draws feathers, inserts eyes (marble), sculpts eyebrows (if you wish, we later abandoned them, so owlet looks nicer).
Molding figures svenvenka
 Sculpting the owl figurines
 We draw eyes with yellow
We sculpt the back, the base of the wings.
Shaping the figurine of a suvenir
 Sculpting the owl figurines Paint the eyes with yellow and black nail polish (it is transparent and keeps shine glass).
Sculpting the owl figurines
 Sculpting the owl figurines
Now we start to sculpt the tail. To make it look more natural, we sculpt it with tiers, starting from the bottom, each draw a pusher, sculpt the one above, and so on.
 We sculpt the back
 We sculpt the backrest
We sculpt the backrest
Now we shape the wings, draw the feathers on the back.
 Sculpting the owl figurines
 Modeling a owlet figure