Georgia - a country for a great holiday

Summer is in full swing and you need to plan your vacation as soon as possible. If you do not want to go to foreign countries, then visit sunny Georgia. Find out the features of this state and organize your vacation correctly!

About Georgia

So, Georgia is located in the south-east of Eurasia and borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. A certain part of the territory is located along the Black Sea, and it is this sea and the beauty of nature that attract tourists. Georgia is considered a democratic republic and is governed by the president.

You will like it here.

The state consists of 10 edges. There are also two independent territories - South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Mostly Georgians live here, although there are Russians, Armenians, Ossetians, Azeris, and even Greeks.


The climate of Georgia is very favorable, it is not cold winters here. Thus, the winter temperature in most parts of the territory ranges from 2 to 5 degrees and usually does not fall below zero.But there are places where it is really cold (up to -20 degrees!). In the summer it's quite hot and hot, so this is not the best time to relax. The temperature sometimes reaches 35 and even 40 degrees.

The real velvet season is September. The temperature gradually drops, making your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. In the mountains, snow almost always lies and fog dominates. And most of the precipitation falls here in the winter and autumn.

Natural features

The nature of Georgia is unique and incredibly beautiful. About two thirds of the territory falls on mountains, they can reach a height of 3-5 thousand meters above sea level. There are also many amazing karst caves in Georgia, among which is the largest one - the New Athos.

There is where to splash

But in the east fertile plains sprawled. It is worth noting that seismic activity is increased here, and in the east of the state there are often strong earthquakes (up to 7 points).

The whole territory of Georgia is literally covered by rivers, there are about 25 thousand of them in all! Many of them were formed due to thawed glacial, snow and groundwater, as well as precipitation.

The plant world is also rich and unique.One third of the area is occupied by forests, which are mostly represented by deciduous trees, such as chestnut, beech, maple, oak, boxwood and others. There are here and vines, which in some places make forests impassable.

The animal world is diverse. Animals live in forests, as well as in reserves and game reserves. There are lynxes, foxes, jackals, bears and wolves, as well as snakes and lizards. There are also a lot of birds: vultures, golden eagles.


The culture of Georgia has evolved over the centuries, its formation was influenced by foreign influences, but in the end something unique happened: luxurious, rich, original, beautiful. And all these features can be seen in the decoration of the housing of Georgians, in the arrangement and appearance of the houses, as well as in the way they dress.

There are many temples

Georgians themselves are considered practically the most hospitable people in the world. In this state, guests are considered to be messengers of God, so they are always treated with respect and esteem. But Georgians also respect and value themselves, so they will not tolerate rudeness, but they will not be rude to others without any reason, although they differ in temperament and hot temper.

Every nation has its pluses, minuses and peculiarities of mentality.For example, in local markets, many overestimate or significantly round off amounts and are reluctant to make concessions. And still worth the bargain.


Surely each of us heard about Georgian cuisine. Here, of course, meat dishes prevail, for example, khinkali known to everyone, satsivi, Georgian shashlyk, gochi, chakhokhbili. Also here they cook delicious soups, such as kharcho, hashi and others. And here they appreciate, respect and often use vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, onions, and so on.

Local kitchen

All dishes are generously flavored with herbs and aromatic spices. Most sauces are spicy, so that for untrained people they may seem too scorching.

Particular attention is paid to baking. First of all, it is pita. Also here you can find a lot of different cakes with a wide variety of fillings from meat, cheese, nuts, sugar and other products: achma, khachapuri, kada, kubdari. Desserts here are also incredibly tasty. What is one famous churchkhela, which is a string of nuts, covered with brewed and thickened grape juice.

Not a single feast in this state can do without Georgian flavored and rather strong wine.And from grape oil cake left after wine making, they make chacha - Georgian moonshine.

All dishes are cooked here, and Georgians consider food to be an important part of life.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Georgia is by plane. The flight takes about 3 hours, which is not so long. But if you want, you can go on a trip by car or with transfers by buses, but this, of course, is very tiring and quite long.

Without vineyards anywhere

In the state, public transport is presented in the form of shuttle buses that travel throughout the country and even make long-distance flights. This, by the way, is not so expensive and precisely cheaper than renting a car.


If you are interested in where to live, then hotels are found everywhere, especially in large cities. In addition, you can find a boarding house or a family hotel where the family of owners accommodates tourists in their big house. This option is more budget.

Gorgeous view

How to relax?

  • If you came to Georgia, then by all means go to the sea. By the way, there are not so many equipped and cozy beaches here, but you can still find them, although most of them are covered with pebbles. The shore is steep, so it's worth to be more careful.
  • Be sure to enjoy nature, it is gorgeous! Go to one of the reserves, climb a mountain or stroll through the woods.
  • Extreme vacation options are unlikely to be offered, but, for example, you can enjoy a stroll on the boat or on skis.
  • There are many attractions, visit them!

Which city to go to?

There are many beautiful and large cities:

  • Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, its modern center.
  • Kutaisi is the second largest city in which there are two World Heritage sites.
  • Batumi is the capital of Adjara. There are many beautiful beaches.
  • Sukhumi is an incredibly beautiful capital of Abkhazia, but, unfortunately, for recreation such a place today is not the best option.
  • Borjomi - a beautiful city in the valley, which makes the famous mineral water.
  • Mtskheta is the cultural and historical capital of the state.

What places to visit?

Night city

Now list the sights:

  • Sculpture "Love". A unique creation located in Batumi. Be sure to visit!
  • The Peace Bridge in Tbilisi is a pedestrian bridge across the river.
  • Mount Kazbek is the highest mountain in Europe. On it you can find the Tsmind Sameba monastery, which literally floats in the air.
  • The Davido-Gareji monastery is a beautiful place located on a mountainside.
  • Vardzia - a monastery and a cave city.
  • The ski resort of Bakuriani is a beautiful place.
  • Uplistsikhe is a cave city, a former center of paganism in the Caucasus.
  • Wineries in Kakheti. Here you can not only taste delicious wines, but also enjoy the beauty of the gardens.

Issue price

An affordable sea vacation in Georgia is real! Prices in Georgia may vary and depend on where you are. In large cities they are higher, in small cities - lower. The currency of the state is lari, it costs about 20 rubles or 0.6 dollars.

Food is inexpensive, you can do 10-15 GEL per day, eating in small cafes. Accommodation in a large hotel will cost 30-50 dollars a day, in a budget guesthouse - about 10-15. The flight costs approximately 4-6 thousand rubles in one direction

A trip per person to Georgia (for a week) will cost about 900-1500 dollars.

Have a good trip!

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