Great ideas for paired tattoos

If you have the second half, and you really want to prove your love, then one of the ways to do this is paired tattoos. And below are some creative ideas.

Is it worth it?

First of all, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons. First, make sure your feelings are really serious. And even if you are sure that you are in love and you never leave, everything can change. But a tattoo done rashly and recklessly will not only remain with you, but it can also remind you of an unpleasant separation or of old feelings, causing heartache. That's why paired tattoos are only for people who have lived together for a while and are convinced of the sincerity and seriousness of each other.

If a little time has passed since your meeting, but you want to leave a memory of all the wonderful moments that have gone through, you should choose a neutral image or an inscription that is not associated with a specific person, but with feelings.

Where to make a tattoo?

You can make paired tattoos in almost any place.But most often choose wrists, neck, ankles, fingers. That is, the calculation is usually done so that the tattoos are visible to others and show that the young people wearing them are together. And some of the drawings are part of one composition, that is, they are supposed to be connected.


If you are looking for paired tattoos for lovers, then consider the following examples:

  • Yin and Yang. It is a symbol of unity and harmony that can become special for you and your second half.
  • Crowns of the king and queen will turn you into a titled couple. But even separately such tattoos carry meaning, they will always look stylish and appropriate.
  • Plus and minus - this is more evidence that opposites attract. Lovers are so different, but still they are together.
  • Two pieces of the puzzle. The value lies in the fact that individually in love - just people, and together they are - a real family, strength. Their life makes sense only when they are together.
  • Another idea for paired tattoos for a husband and wife is the same cardiogram lines. They will tell you that their hearts are chattering in unison.
  • Designations of the card king and the lady, but certainly of the same suit.It would mean something like, "You are my king, and I am your queen."
  • Simple figures of a girl and a boy holding different ends of an improvised cord phone. This cute image can symbolize a constant, invisible and strong bond of a couple, as well as their ability to understand each other from a half-word.
  • The coordinates of the place where you met or legitimized their relationship. It would seem that this is an incomprehensible set of numbers, but how much it means for two lovers!
  • A few notes from your favorite or common song with which the most pleasant memories are connected.
  • Wings of Love. Usually they are made on the backs of the palms, so that the pictures would connect and make sense when the lovers are near or holding hands.
  • It would seem that a simple, but incredibly nice option is the hearts, which will always remind you of love.
  • Same phrases about love or feelings. It makes no sense to list them, since there are a lot of them. Moreover, they can be written both in their native language and in a foreign language, for example, in English, French, Latin or some other. And you can come up with your own language, which only you will understand.You can write something like “Our love will last forever,” “Always together,” “Hand in hand,” “I found love,” “Nothing will separate us.”
  • One phrase, divided into two parts. The meaning is similar to the symbolism of the parts of one puzzle. For lovers, everything makes sense only when they are near.
  • Sun and moon. Such tattoos can also carry a certain meaning. They can mean that love will live forever, like heavenly bodies. You can also make a bias towards the fact that you are invisibly connected to each other and support the life of your love, like the moon and the sun - the existence of humanity.
  • Molecules of some chemical element. This image will appreciate the scientists, especially chemists.
  • The key and the well are also symbolic drawings. And the girl is more suitable for a well, and the guy - the key. Thus, the representative of the weaker sex will show that the key to her heart has been found, and he is with her beloved.
  • Two diamonds. It is the embodiment of what you promise each other to cherish your feelings carefully. Stone can also be associated with the strength of your senses.
  • The signs of infinity will prove that your feelings are infinite and will never die.
  • Halves of one fruit will also look symbolic and original.
  • Two animals of the same species, but of different sexes. Most often depict a lion and a lioness or a wolf and a she-wolf, because they are considered the most faithful.
  • Well-known cartoon couple, for example, beauty and the beast, the prince and Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and Minnie.
  • You can draw the same asterisks.


Finally, some useful tips:

  1. Tattoos must carry a certain meaning. But the meaning can only be understood by the lovers themselves and be associated with their feelings or memories.
  2. If you and your other half decided to get a tattoo, then go to the salon together, first, to support each other, and second, to hold these special moments together and capture them in memory.
  3. Both lovers should choose an idea for a tattoo. And to decide, you can see photos on the Internet or examples from the catalog of the wizard.
  4. It is important to find an experienced master who can bring the idea to life.

If you have already decided and made an informed decision, then go to the tattoo parlor!

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