Hand care at home

Our hands are always in sight. But often women pay this part of the body much less attention than, for example, the face. And in vain. After all, everyone knows that the fastest true age of the ladies will show the neck and skin of the hands. Therefore, how you take care of them will depend on how long, in the eyes of others, you will remain young and beautiful.

In fact, for the care of hands, you need less time than for the face. Careful attention should be paid to the condition of the hands at the age of 18 years. It is at this time that the process of aging of this part of the body begins. Pens will be beautiful if you follow some tips.

Beauticians do not recommend using soap for washing hands. Soap, by the way, has a bad effect on the condition of the skin on any part of the body, cleansing, it dramatically overdries the skin and disrupts the water balance. So buy a special cleanser for delicate skin. It is able to neutralize the harmful effects of chemical elements contained in water, will provide additional food for your hands.

Many women believe that to care for the hands you need only a cream, but it is not. The choice of means is simply huge. For example, scrub. The cleaning procedure with its help should be carried out a couple of times a week, not more often. The benefits of this tool is good. First, with the help of scrub, you can deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead cells. Secondly, applying srab, you will carry out hand massage, which helps to restore the cells and their rejuvenation. Masters of manicure often use soft scrubs to remove the cuticle.

To make the handles look good, you need to make special masks. Many cosmetic brands offer similar products. The mask will maximally moisturize the skin, smooth out wrinkles, help eliminate abrasions and wounds.

Well, an integral part of caring for hands, it is, of course, a hand cream. Apply it in the morning and evening. The layer of cream should be small. Better, if after its application, you will wear special gloves that will enhance the effect of the cream.

It is not enough one cosmetics for care of hands. You also need to carefully select the detergent for dishes. Dermatologists and cosmetologists, in one voice shout that the dishes need to be washed with gloves.But, to tell the truth, not everyone is doing it, including myself. Use a proven detergent. From household chemicals of unknown origin, a severe allergic reaction may occur. Avoid too hot or very cold water. They are equally harmful effect on the skin of the hands.