Help me choose a university abroad?

At the family council, we decided that our eldest child would continue his education not in Moscow, but in Austria. Now we are actively studying this issue. While we want to decide on a university, maybe children are already studying there from someone, share their experience.
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Answered on February 21 15:06
First, prioritize what is important to you convenience, location, price, specialty. Proceeding from this, choose a higher institution for yourself.
Answered on February 21 15:14
I would look at all the websites of universities that offer your specialty. And if you have the opportunity to go there for an excursion, even better. I made a decision by examining specific student reviews and looking at the university visually.
Answered on February 21 15:22
It seems to me that the agency for education abroad can help you with this question. Since in addition to the choice of university, you need to solve more issues with a student visa, housing, maybe even work while studying.