How can you quickly remove scars on different parts of the body?

At the site of any damage to the skin - scratches, wounds, acne, surgical interventions - a new connective tissue appears, called the scar or, simply, scar. Despite the well-known proverb, we all know that these marks on the skin do not adorn. And before many, the question arises:"How to remove scars?".

Both traditional and modern medicine offer many ways to solve this problem. Some of them require long-term treatment, others help almost immediately. Some - just make the scar less noticeable, others - almost completely remove it. The choice of method depends on how much effort and resources you are willing to devote to combating the problem.

Let's try to understand the set of methods that are presented in various modern sources.

At home

Probably everyone has scars, but the scars on the face cause the most concern, because they are almost impossible to hide.How to remove the scars on the face? How to remove acne scars? These problems worry many. It is possible to get rid of small scars at home, with the help of available tools.

Traditional medicine offers several ways to remove scars. These methods are intended rather for small and shallow scars. Here are some of them:

  • Lemon juice. This folk remedy does not remove the scar, but only brightens the skin, which can actually make the scar less noticeable.
  • Aloe juice will only help if applied immediately after skin damage, since it has healing and healing properties, but it is unlikely to help in the fight against scarring.
  • Honey is also used in alternative medicine to remove scars. When applied as a mask, scars become less noticeable.
  • The most effective of those that can be easily prepared at home is a mask made of a mixture of oatmeal cream and lemon juice. This mixture is recommended to apply twice a day, rubbing (grinding) movements on the affected area of ​​the skin. This mask will help to smooth the surface of the scar to soften and lighten the fabric.But in the fight against large and deep scars, most likely, will also be ineffective.

Drug treatment

The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of products to combat scars. With their help, you can remove the scars after surgery. As a rule, these products are available in the form of gels, creams, ointments, etc.

They are most effective if you start using them as soon as possible (for example, immediately after removing postoperative sutures). These tools help get rid of shallow scars and make extensive scars less visible. Also, pharmaceutical drugs help partially or completely solve the problem - how to remove the scars from burns.

As a rule, the doctors themselves prescribe drugs immediately after surgery or burns.

It must be remembered that, despite the relatively high efficiency, the products of this group are still drugs that have their own contraindications, and using them without consulting a specialist can be dangerous for your health.

It is also necessary to carefully read the instructions and apply the medicine only according to the recommendations of the doctor and the manufacturer.


In the field of medical cosmetology also presented a sufficient number of methods for scar removal. These methods are perhaps the most effective. With the help of these very methods, deep scars are almost completely removed. As a result of applying these techniques, the problem is solved: how to remove scars on any part of the body - on the face, on the neck, on the arm, on the leg, etc.

One of these methods is to remove scars with a laser. This method is called laser polishing. During the procedure, the upper layers of the scar tissue are removed in layers, after which the scar becomes less noticeable.

The use of chemical and diamond peels is also widespread, but all these methods are reduced to grinding the scar, which gives noticeable and rapid results.

Where can I do this?

First of all, this question should be addressed to a dermatologist, who will explain in detail whether it is possible to remove the scar and how to do it better and help you choose the best method for combating scarring. Also tells how to remove the scars after acne and, importantly, prevent their further occurrence. If you need more qualified help, the doctor will explain where the scars are removed in your city and which center is better to contact.

How much is?

Removing scars at home is likely to cost you the least amount of money, since most of the ingredients can be found in any kitchen in any home. Using them does not require special skills - you can apply them yourself. But the fight against scars will take a lot of time and the result, quite possibly, does not meet your expectations.

Treatment with drugs (creams, ointments, etc.) will cost you in the amount of from 300 to 5000-10000 rubles. The cost will depend on the manufacturer, the quality of the drug, as well as on its effectiveness. When you buy drugs, you can discuss the question of your financial capacity with your doctor who prescribes treatment, if necessary, by asking him to prescribe not very expensive medicines.

Perhaps the most expensive is the removal of scars in cosmetic clinics. Firstly, you will have to pay a specialist consultation, which will cost 500-2000 rubles, depending on the price list of the clinic. And, of course, you will have to pay for the treatment itself.

The cost of the procedure, as well as the number of necessary procedures, will depend on the complexity and size of the lesion.Prices for these types of services range from 1500 to 150000 rubles and, as a rule, are determined only after consulting a specialist.

To solve the problem with scars on different parts of the body is real, the main thing is not to hang your nose or despair.

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