How can you name a child?

Choosing the name of the baby, the parents try to make it melodic and combined with the surname and patronymic. Many believe that the name determines the fate, so it is important to choose only the best. Some parents are guided by the church calendar, and someone seeks to select a child from the crowd with the help of a name. So, how can you name a child, which names are popular today, and which are better not to use? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Popular names for girls

Today, many people prefer to call children extravagant names, such as Elvira, Eric, Adeline. Meanwhile, the names familiar to our ears also do not lose their popularity. Perhaps, in every class or kindergarten group there must be Daria, Anastasia, Natalia, Maria, Elena. These names are easily combined with almost any patronymic.

Recently, old names that were once popular are in vogue: Arina, Anfisa, Polina. Today, more and more often you can hear the name Sophia, as well as its derivatives: Sonya, Sonya.

Television and books also contribute to the emergence of a particular name. So, thanks to their influence, girls appeared, whose parents called Isaura, Malvina, Dominica. The extravagance of such names does not allow them to be widely distributed, since it is not easy for them to pick up the patronymic and surname. Surely Izaura Ivanovna Svetlova would have caused a smile from anyone who heard this combination.

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Popular names for boys

In the list of male names always led Alexander. This name is easily combined with any surname and patronymic, so they often call it a child. Do not lag behind and Daniel with Ivan. It became fashionable and the name Matthew, which was borrowed from the Bible. Arseny is another name that came to us from Byzantium and became very popular.

Many parents try to come up with unusual names for their children, which are not always combined with last names, but they certainly distinguish the child from the crowd. Richard, Julian, Adrian, Hippolytus - it sounds juicy, and to some extent such names make its owner an extraordinary person.

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How not to call the child

There are a number of names that are not very suitable for children. For example, the very popular name Lyalya is derived from Elena, Valeria or Larisa. Parents often call the girl that way, not realizing that the baby will become an adult, and this name will forever �stick� to her, causing a feeling of infantilism.

It is not always necessary to name children by names that may be associated with something or have indigestible derivatives. For example, Evdokia will be called the Dunya, and Eugrafia will be called the Pear, which can be a reason for mocking a child. It is undesirable to call the child a name that was given to a relative with a complex fate. It is believed that the same misfortune can expect a newborn who has received this name.

And, of course, you should not call your son or daughter an exotic name if you have a Russian or Ukrainian surname. Agree that Esther Sidorov or Antoine Korolenko do not sound very harmonious.