How easy to make curls?

Anna Ivanova
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How easy to make curls?

Life shows that women are completely unpredictable creations. It often happens that when they get up in the morning, they want drastic changes in the image. Therefore, in the article we will tell you how easy it is to make curls, quickly giving your appearance a special femininity and romanticism.

Not every woman has nature rewarded with luxurious curls, but to achieve them with her own efforts is not at all difficult. It is only necessary to show ingenuity, patience and desire.

When time is running out in the morning, and you want to look irresistible - we recommend using quick and easy ways to make light curls.

Thermo curlers

Heat the hot rollers in hot water containers. As a rule, several minutes are enough. And while the temperature holds, wind dry hair on them. Within 20 minutes you will get luxurious curls. That they lasted throughout the day, sprinkle them fixing varnish.


Another simple and quick way to get curls is to use regular hair curlers.To do this, dry hair is divided into several identical strands (their size depends on the size of the desired curls) and each of them is treated with foam or fixing mousse, after which we immediately gently twist on the curlers. We warm them with a hair dryer for about 20 minutes and fix the result with varnish.

Curling iron

There are special devices that allow you to quickly and easily make beautiful curls. The most common of them - curling iron. It is enough to wind a strand of hair on the curler itself and hold it for a few seconds. From the waiting time will depend on the strength of the curl. The less you hold, the easier it gets and the air curl becomes. This way it is convenient to make light curls on medium hair.

Sugar solution

In a small container, pour warm water and add some sugar. The sweeter the water turns out, the stronger the hair will hold, but the main thing is not to overdo it. Rinse the hair with the resulting solution and immediately dry with a hairdryer. During drying, hair should be lifted by squeezing them in a fist.

In this way you will get beautiful careless curls. Varnish is not necessary to use, as sugar keeps its shape well.


A simple way to make light curls for long hair is to braid them at night in a braid. The tighter you pick up your hair, the smaller and stricter the waves will be. In the morning, hair should be combed or divided into small strands.