How embarrassing: British Kardashian appeared in a dirty dress

And all because you have to look at yourself in the mirror more often.

Bianca Gascoigne, 31, a British model and a reality star, is called the English Kardashian for good reason. The shapes of the glamorous blonde are as seductive as Kim's, and the outfits are perhaps even bolder. In general, Bianca is the adopted daughter of the English football legend Paul Gascoigne. But today she (at least in the UK) has become much more popular than her stepfather. On the screens and in magazines, it appears certainly more often.

But it seems that Gascoigne should learn from Kardashian not only the style and ability to present his incredible figure, but also attentiveness to his image. At least before the publication. For the red carpet National TV Awards, Bianca, inspired by the Kardashian outfit, chose a light turquoise latex dress that fitted the girl's body like a second skin.

Only now, upon closer examination, it turned out that the outfit was covered with dirty stains - they were clearly visible both on the chest and on the outstanding Bianchi's buttocks.

Bianca had to pose for photographers with a spot on his chest
Her dress was also hurt behind.

What happened to the clothes of the model, she did not tell, but most of all these spots look like traces of tanning. Whether the star of reality in a hurry began to dress, not waiting for the bronzer to dry, or used the spray, being already in a dress. Why Gascoigne did not change - it is not clear. Maybe she just didn't look at herself in the mirror before going out?

Nevertheless, Bianca stoically stood for several hours of the ceremony and even, smiling, posed for photographers. Well, with whom there is no fashionable embarrassment.

That awkward moment when the strap slips off, the seam pulls away or a thin heel sticks in the long hem of your own dress ... This can happen to anyone, and to the stars too.

We managed to collect a whole gallery of dresses that were supposed to frame the triumph, and caused shame. In it, surprisingly, there were even some images of stars, usually showing excellent taste and sense of style. But they also have failures.