How do men flirt in different parts of the world?

Each country has its own traditions, habits and foundations. All nations and nationalities behave differently, which is explained by differences in education, mentality, culture, temperament. And how are representatives of the stronger sex from different parts of the world flirting?


Greeks are world-famous braggers, and Greek men are used to competing with each other in almost everything. And when it comes to women, temperamental males seem to enter into some kind of game, the main purpose of which is to achieve the location of the favorite beauty, win her heart. Many consider the Greeks windy, and this quality is really peculiar to them, but it applies to foreign women and is inherent in free single members of the stronger sex. To their women the inhabitants of Greece are faithful.

If you are lucky enough to visit this sunny country, then be careful and cool. Cute, courteous and temperamental Greek can turn your head, and he will surely get his way.But do not rely on something serious: most likely, the holiday romance will be fleeting and will not grow into something more, so do not feed false illusions.


If you review several well-known youth films by John Hughes, such as “Breakfast Club” or “16 Candles”, you can get an idea of ​​how you mastered the basics of flirting in America several decades ago. In those days gone by, the initiative was granted to men, while women only had to wait timidly for at least one member of the opposite sex to take the first step. Moreover, standard and sometimes somewhat absurd or even vulgarly used hackneyed phrases were used. And this style is still present in provincial towns.

Modern Americans from large metropolitan areas are completely different. Many of them are very busy at work or school, and the modern rhythm of life inevitably dictates its own rules. So the men from the United States practically do not pay attention to the notorious flirting, considering it a waste of time. The guy can just go to the girl you like and ask if she likes. And some are limited to asking for a phone number.And this scheme suits American women, but, unfortunately, it often happens that they do not go further than telephone communication.


If you wonder how men flirt in different countries of the world, then you should learn about the passionate Spaniards. The main rule of their love games is the raging pressure that no romantic nature in the clouds can resist. First, a Spanish man literally showeres his "victim" with compliments, and then, when the girl melts and loses her vigilance, she will clearly hint at the continuation of the evening, even if it is now morning.

The Spaniards are very fond of the fair sex with appetizing forms and a beautiful sincere smile. And if a girl puts on a bright sexy outfit, then she definitely will not be ignored. But the ardent and passionate nature of Spanish men is such that they can not be close to one and only, poet often even during marriage continue flirting on the side and fleeting novels.


Residents of the country of the rising sun are known all over the world for their workaholism, so the time for banal dating often does not remain. And come to the aid of the method of "company", called by the word "company".Everything looks like this: a couple of friends collects familiar guys and invites one or two familiar girls who must necessarily grab girlfriends. As a result, a whole get-together is going to, and many participants are completely unfamiliar with each other. Live communication begins, during which sympathies are revealed.

Japanese flirting implies polite communication, so the girls do not hear any subtle hints in their address. But at the same time, the guys obligingly add alcohol to the opponents (and often quite strong sake) and wait patiently for them to get to the necessary “condition”. It is noteworthy that the representatives of the stronger sex do not incline the women they like to sexual relations. But if a man realizes that his lady is ready to continue the evening, she will certainly rent a room in the so-called “love hotel” (love hotel) and will no longer be shy and be polite, as in Japan there are very sophisticated ways of satisfying natural physiological needs.


A distinctive feature of almost all Englishmen is restraint. So if even a man will show genuine interest to you and experience a whole range of emotions, he will not show it.And it is precisely this that often misleads many women, because it is completely incomprehensible whether the opponent is set to continue communication or simply shows respect and nicely communicates with you on classic topics.

If an Englishman took your phone number from you, it means that he clearly intends to continue to contact you. But do not wait for calls, they are considered a sign of obsession and bad taste. A man can write you a few SMS messages with trivial questions about the weather or state of health. But if he went on the offensive, do not rush to meet, because even a light kiss can be perceived by a pragmatic inhabitant of England as a signal of readiness for sex.


The Chinese are sincere in all their manifestations, including flirting. Therefore, if a man begins to flirt, he does not pursue the goal to subdue a woman and “drag” her to bed, but seeks to establish an emotional and spiritual connection, which is here considered to be the main one of any relationship. And yes, the fleeting ties of the Chinese in most cases are not interested.

Chinese character flirt is just a girl's paradise. There is everything: all kinds of care, attention, sincere interest, the expression of pleasant emotions and lovely innocent compliments. And absolutely no biting phrases and slippery hints.As a result, the girl's heart melts, she opens her soul and gradually begins to experience reciprocal feelings. At least, this is often the case.


The French are elegant, courteous and masterly compliments to the opposite sex. These are not just banal phrases and beautiful words, but whole verbal waterfalls that caress the ear and literally make you melt, forgetting everything. By the way, in bed, French men are also charming and courteous: no wonder they are on the list of the most affectionate lovers in the whole world.

But sex for the French - the most common thing and an integral part of life, so it is often offered on the first date. Of course, one night can lead to a turbulent romance, but it can be otherwise. And in order to conquer the resident of France, you need to wear an elegant feminine dress, learn to cutely coo and feel the atmosphere of romance inherent in the city of love - Paris.


Iran is a country of prohibitions and chastity, so an Iranian, in principle, cannot just sit down with an unfamiliar girl in a cafe, because this would be a violation of all established rules.And if a couple allows themselves a public display of feelings, then they can get into the police, and even for an innocent kiss or embrace. Therefore, Iranian flirtation is restrained and pragmatic.

An Iranian can approach a girl or woman he likes in a public place, for example, in a store, library, on the market, and ask her for a phone number. However, he will not show sympathy in any way and, having received contact information, he retreats, politely saying goodbye. Then a long romantic telephone conversation will begin. A man will call a woman every day, shower her with compliments and tell him that he knows the interlocutor all his life and has much in common with her. Perhaps, after a few months these two will meet in a secluded atmosphere and begin a tremulous conversation tete-a-tete.

Flirting in different countries is different, but the goal is the same - to achieve reciprocity of the opposite woman's favorite.

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