How not to get pregnant?

As soon as adolescents enter puberty, they are interested in the opposite sex. This is the right moment to tell them in detail about existing methods of contraception. ? The answer to this question should be known not only to the girl, but to the guy. If none of the partners is yet ready to shoulder the burden of responsibility for the birth and upbringing of a new person, then it is important to go through an elementary educational program.

Tips on not getting pregnant - ways and options

There are quite a few opportunities to be protected today. These are hormonal pills, suppositories, intrauterine devices, use of condoms.

The condom is the most reliable barrier, it is put on the erect member and protects the mucous membrane of both partners. Boys reluctant to use it, so often the responsibility for an unwanted pregnancy is shifted to the girl.

The girl can use chemical contraceptives. These are vaginal creams, candles and tampons. They are inserted into the vagina immediately before sexual intercourse. Reliability of about 75-80%.And this must be taken into account when choosing this tool.

Modern mechanical contraceptives that release hormones when used are more reliable. They provide almost complete security. In Russia, two means are actively used: the ring “NovaRing” and the plaster “Eva”. The first contraceptive is designed for one cycle. The ring on day 22 is removed from the vagina, and a week later a new one is introduced. The patch is glued to any part of the body, the duration of one plate is a week. You can use the patch in the first three weeks of the month, on the fourth the body should rest. Making love at this time will be impossible.

Another “female” alternative is hormone pills. There are a large number of such drugs on the market, but only the gynecologist is capable of finding the optimal one that can reliably protect against pregnancy.

Intrauterine devices and sterilization at such a young age are not considered at all.

"Folk remedies"

Not all young people can make their desire public, go to a gynecologist or a pharmacy in order to buy one of the listed options for protection.Therefore, mostly adolescents are interested in reliable advice on how not to become pregnant without contraceptives. There are several of them, the most useful ones can be adopted and used every time after unprotected intercourse.

  1. What to do to not get pregnant? Agree with your boyfriend, ask him to oversee the process and make sure that sperm does not fall into the vagina. Send sperm by under the power of any man. But it is important to keep in mind that before the orgasm, a small amount of sperm along with the lubricant still gets inside. Therefore, together with this option, it is advisable to use the second advice.
  2. Immediately after intercourse, the girl needs to immediately go to the toilet and wash, using any acidic liquid. It is best to use for this lemon juice, diluted in water, or highly diluted vinegar. If none of this is at hand, type urine in your palm, wet two thumbs and pour it into the vagina abundantly. Such an action will stop the sperm. This advice can be adopted by all those who are looking for an answer to the question of how to get pregnant for the first time if you have finished.
  3. The easiest way to learn how to find safe days. In the menstrual cycle of any girl there is a period when the egg “sleeps”. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Safe days

Note! Calculate safe days is possible only with stable and regular periods, when the body works like a clock and the monthly cycle is always about the same. It is useful to have a separate calendar and monthly mark the beginning of menstruation (the first day, when the discharge begins) and their end. The calendar will immediately show the longest cycle and the shortest. The starting point should be ovulation. It occurs, as a rule, on the 11th - 18th day after the onset of menstruation (it is different for everyone).

So how to calculate not to get pregnant? It is necessary to take the shortest cycle, say, it is 27 days, and subtract 11 from it (27-11 = 16). Then we take the largest menstrual cycle, say, it is 29 days, subtract 18 from it (29-18 = 11). It turns out that from the 11th to the 16th day of each month inclusive is the most favorable time for conception. Having sex in this period without full protection is impossible. If you don’t want to get pregnant, it’s better to stop having sex at all.All other days before the 11th day and after 16, protected by the methods listed above, you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

Basal Temperature Measurement

What should be done for those who have irregular menstruation, how in this case to expect “safe days” and how not to get pregnant after intercourse? Measure basal temperature! This should be done immediately after waking up in the morning. The thermometer is inserted into the vagina, its readings are recorded daily. If the girl is healthy, the temperature will be about the same every day. But the day before the start of ovulation, it will rise by 0.2-0.4 degrees. This will be the starting point for the above calculations.