How not to steal?

Each of us one way or another faced with theft. Many people are susceptible to theft at the household level - they are stealing small items from shops, different things that are badly lying, items from work. How to get rid of this addiction? Consider several specific situations of domestic theft and try to figure out how to avoid this.

How not to steal at work?

Everything is being dragged from work — stationery, office paper, bags, detergents. Why is this happening? Probably, because a person simply does not know how not to steal, because it happens everywhere.

If you are going to drag off a pack of paper, then think, suddenly it is not enough for you to print an important contract. Also think about how you will look into the eyes of your boss and colleagues if someone “catches” you for stealing.

If psychological work on yourself does not help, take effective methods: from your salary, buy yourself home stationary supplies that you so often want to take from work. A pack of paper you bought will be enough for a long time, and knowing that you have 10 of exactly the same pens at home, you yourself do not want to steal them from work.

Calls to foreign relatives

Another scourge of all companies is personal conversations on the office phone. In many firms, corporate unlimited, which provides calls within the network for free, so there is no reporting here. Worse, if you take this opportunity, start calling relatives in America or Brazil to talk about the weather. You are not interested in the question of how not to steal an office connection, because the employer's funds are spent, not yours. Want to stop? Think that the money spent on personal conversations may simply not be enough to make an important transaction over the telephone. As a result, your financial position and the company's money affairs will suffer.

The legislation of Russia on this matter is formulated quite clearly: if you spend the money that the company has provided for communication by the office phone, you compensate for the lack of it at your own expense. Think about how much a stingy pays.

Solution of the problem: for conversations with relatives, it is better to leave Skype - this is absolutely free communication, and besides, you will see them "live".


The British even came up with a name for such people - “shoplifters”.Their fantasy is truly limitless - they demagnetize tags, peel them off, make false purchases, and may even start a scandal. Domestic lovers to steal something in stores usually steal bags or chocolates.

If you are one of them, then think about whether you need a chocolate bar or not, or that the price of packages is low, is not enough. What to do in such cases?

  • Rule one. When you come to the supermarket, leave all your bags and bags in the left-luggage office, and for shopping, take the basket of the store. So you will not have the opportunity to put something in your secret purse.
  • Rule two. Do not wear wide clothing or clothing with pockets. After all, the ability to put in your pocket is often a temptation to steal.
  • Rule three. Try not to go to big supermarkets and self-service stores. Go to the market where the products are located in inaccessible storefronts, and it is issued by the sellers and cashiers through the counter. This is the surest way not to succumb to theft, since in such stores it almost will not work.
  • Rule Four. If, however, it is more convenient for you to visit supermarkets, then be sure to have a tight lunch before going.It is proved that the buyers do not “run up” to the full stomach of the customer.
  • Fifth Rule Try to go shopping closer to the closing of the store, leave just enough time to do this, so that you can “go for a run” and have time to take only the most necessary things. Do not leave time to think about how to steal and where to hide the stolen thing.
  • Rule six, the last. In the end, decide for yourself what you most often want to steal? If it's bags, candy, or other small things, buy yourself a couple of packages of packages, a kilogram of candy, and live peacefully!

About kleptomania

The main difference between kleptomania and conscious theft is that the stolen item is not sold or used for personal purposes. Psychiatrists say that kleptomania is a disease, and treatment is prescribed in such cases. While it lasts, it is not recommended to leave the house, and it is better to entrust all the purchases necessary for you to relatives and friends.

We are so used to theft that we no longer notice it or take it for granted. If you decide to get rid of this problem, step over yourself using the above tips.