How often should I cut my hair ends?

Beautiful, well-groomed, healthy hair is the pride of any woman. But the influence of the environment, temperature drops, coloring, the use of a hair dryer, curling, ironing and styling adversely affect their condition. Because strands need the same careful care, as, for example, and our skin. One of the main pledges of chic hair along with proper care is systematic trimming.

Secrets of perfect curls

Secular tips are one of the first reasons for the untidy look of a woman's hair. And you need to fight them. After the longer they are not sheared, the higher the cross-section will rise. And in time, a few centimeters cut off will prevent the hair cuticle from separating, which means that the hair will look healthy and shiny.

But another question arises: “How often should this be done?”. There are many variants of answers to it, but hair-stylists single out the optimal period for such a procedure - once in 1.5-2 months.

A big role here is also played by the type of hair, as well as their length.

Thin and hard are more susceptible to cross-section, and colored strands can be assigned to the same category.

It is the main task to make beautiful and neater long curls and hair of medium length, but at the same time to keep this very length. But the most healthy part of the hairstyle in this case is the bottom one. Already from the middle of the curls are "old", and therefore more fragile and dry. That is why visiting a hairdresser is important at least once every 2 months, removing at least 1 cm from the tips.

In the case of a short haircut, the problem of rapid loss of form arises, because visits to the salon should be more frequent - once in 1-1.5 months. But short hair is less prone to cross-section.

Without the help of specialists

If you approach the issue of going to a salon or a hairdresser from a practical point of view, you can see that the master even equates the usual trimming of the tips to almost a full-fledged haircut, and therefore will have to pay as much as for the “from and to” procedure.

Is it possible to save in this case? Yes, if you do not be afraid to learn a little hairdressing at home.

First of all, you need good scissors. They must be professional. If you are going to use them for yourself all the time, then don't be afraid of the price, after a few times everything will pay off.

We will immediately explain why ordinary, even the sharpest, scissors will not work - they can severely damage the hair structure. You should not choose complex models, you need experience to use them.

If you are going to cut the ends yourself, you need to carry out the preparatory procedures - wash your hair, apply a balm, dry with a towel and thoroughly comb.

If the problem of piercing is observed along the entire length, then it is worthwhile to act as follows:

  1. Divide the hair into several strands.
  2. Twist each strand into a harness.
  3. Cut off all the hairs, knocked out from the bundle.

The second option also does not take much time and effort. It is necessary to tie a tail above the vertex, fix it with an elastic band. The second gum dress in the middle of the tail and pull it to the tip. This way you can see the part that needs to be cut and gently align the curls.

Then you can tighten the gum above and slightly profile the ends.But only hard and thick strands need such a procedure.

That's all the secrets of professionals who are easy enough to realize with their own hands. One has only to believe in their own strength. Be beautiful!

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