How does the chest grow?

Chest - the pride of a woman. And the cause of the headache. Many people often think that it is either small, or large, or not as perfect as we would like. And any shape and size does not suit the hostess. She wants to change and improve what is given by nature.

Of course, there are deviations from the norm. In such cases, the intervention of specialists is necessary, but this does not happen so often in order to become a problem. You just need to try to understand what a female breast. It is important to understand how the breast grows, forms and changes throughout life. In addition, there are ways how you can change its size and shape through exercise.

Start of development

To find out how the chest grows, we turn to the results of research scientists.

Of course, young children do not have an external difference between girls and boys in relation to the breast. It remains flat with those and others. But it is in infancy that the breast begins to develop. In girls, there is a line under the nipples, called dairy. You can notice it at such a young age only if you look closely, so small and imperceptible. From this dairy line the full-fledged female breast is also formed.


Before the onset of puberty, the breast grows very slowly, virtually unchanged during childhood. But with the beginning of puberty appears its rapid growth. Sexual maturity occurs at different ages. It can range from 8 to 13 years. Regardless of age, breasts undergo significant changes during this period.

The formation of the breast ends with the end of puberty. A girl who has reached puberty has a fully formed breast, which, without additional intervention, will change its shape only when a pregnancy occurs.


It is believed that the full development of the breast occurs only with the onset of pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this period, the restructuring of the hormonal background is inevitable, and therefore changes in shape and size of the breast. It increases, pours milk. But nothing happens abruptly, all changes are smooth and occur throughout the body as a whole, and not in individual parts.

What affects breast size?

Many people doubt whether the breast grows during life, and they think not. But it is not. She is changing.With an increase in body weight increases and chest. If a woman recovers and gains weight, then her chest increases in proportion to the body. The ratio is established: if you dial 1 kg. weight, the breast will increase by 15-20 g. With a decrease in weight, the size of the breast decreases. In order to prevent sagging breasts, it is necessary during drinking to drink plenty of water or juice.


This is a decisive factor in the body as a whole and in breast size in particular. Heredity determines what size the breast will be, having formed and assumed the final shape. If women in your family have had a small chest, you will have the same. And vice versa. Of course, you can change the size of the breast, and its shape. Plastic surgery has achieved success in this area. Therefore, everything that does not suit you can be changed by resorting to the help of a specialist.

If someone does not know what the breast grows from, then it is safe to say that hereditary factors and surgical intervention affect the growth of the breast. Neither diets nor vitamins will increase breast size. With the help of exercise you can only pump up the pectoral muscles. This will slightly increase the breast, but the shape of the breast, not its size, will affect the larger change.


Women are encouraged to periodically inspect their breasts for changes. An annual examination by a mammologist should be carried out by women who have reached the age of 35. Diseases identified at an early stage are treatable. And the best treatment, as you know, is prevention.

Even if you are dissatisfied with yourself, do not despair. Small breasts? Remember the proverb: small spool yes roads. Big? There must be a lot of good man! Love yourself the way you are, because you deserve it!