How to add sound to the laptop?

It happens that the loudness of the speakers of a purchased laptop for some reason does not suit you. How to add sound to the laptop? We offer you options for system-wide volume control, as well as the possibility of using external acoustics.

Let's start in order.

System sound

It is possible that you simply did not adjust the volume on your laptop. Find the speaker icon in the taskbar in the right corner and click on it. In the opened setting, set the sound level slider to the maximum value (up to the stop). Now check the sound level. Perhaps this will already be enough to add sound.

The sound in the media player

If you are watching a video or listening to music on your laptop or via the Internet, make sure that the player that plays the sound, the volume level is adjusted. If, by moving the sound level slider on the media player, you still could not achieve the desired volume on your laptop, then try working with the mixer.

Work with a mixer

The mixer is another system audio adjustment option. True, it will not help to increase the volume, as to improve the sound on the laptop. And still try to work with the mixer. Double click on the icon with the image of the loudspeaker and on the taskbar open the mixer. In the opened window we find the section “Speaker” and click on it. In the new window, select the tab "Properties - Improvements." Next to the item "Equalizer" put a tick. Next, open the settings window, all the sliders are raised up and save the settings.

External acoustics

How to amplify the sound on a laptop using external devices? Need to purchase speakers or headphones. Headphones will enhance the sound symbolically. That is, the laptop will not get louder, but by wearing headphones you will hear it better.

Speakers, in contrast, will help increase the volume of sound coming from a laptop. But this will be possible only if you connect to the computer high-quality acoustics with the function of adjusting the sound on the speakers themselves.

To connect headphones or speakers to a laptop, you need to find the connector on the computer with the image of headphones, insert the plug from the device into it and adjust its sound in the “Control Panel” section of the “Sound” tab.

External sound cards

With the help of an external sound card, you can also achieve top-notch sound on your laptop. A card is a device that looks like a regular USB flash drive that connects via a regular USB port.

Choose a sound card with multiple audio inputs and audio outputs, with a bit depth of 24 bits or higher, with support for ASIO and EAX technologies. After purchase, install the card in accordance with the instructions attached to it, and you can assume that the sound problem on your laptop has been resolved.

Find and install the best drivers

How to add sound on a laptop, optimizing drivers? This is necessary in the case when the built-in set of sound drivers of the operating system does not meet your needs. Additional you can download for free on the Internet and then install it yourself on your computer.

If you install a driver using an executable file (extension “.exe”), the system will find the device for which this driver is intended. Most often, along with the driver installed and additional components.

When installing from the information file (extension “.inf”), you must first update the driver through the update wizard, which also starts automatically. And then run the automatic driver installation wizard.In this case, the driver will be installed without any extras.