How to be offline in contact?

Evgeny Lukashenko
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How to be offline in contact?

At times, there is a desire, remaining unnoticed, to be VKontakte, watch the information of other users, perform other actions ...

Is it possible and how to be offline VKontakte? The one who advised me to walk along the street, undoubtedly, won in the nomination �Joke of the Day�, but we considered other methods and came to the conclusion that none of them worked.

However, if you still want to test them in practice, then here they are, in front of you.

Ways to be offline VKontakte

Log on VKontakte not through the "My page", but through other columns. To remain offline, you must avoid clicking on the "My Page" column and on the pages of other users, including your friends. Practice has shown that you can still be seen "online."

Go to VKontakte, avoiding hitting the "My Page" tab and open "My Messages". Stay on this page for 15 minutes, and then you can use all the features of VKontakte, except for going to the "My Page" tab and also bothering about the pages of your friends and other users.

Open a page of interest in a separate tab, for example, with video or music. From the previous open page you should exit VKontakte. Those who offer this method, assure that you can safely listen to music or watch videos from the site "VKontakte", but you will remain "offline". Practice has shown that after a small amount of time, the page on which there was video or music takes off. Instead, the initial page appears on which you need to enter your data to enter the site.

How to sit VKontakte offline? You can find a special instruction for those who use the Mozilla Firefox browser, and do everything as suggested there. Similar instructions can be found for the browser "Opera". These are the most popular ways that are advised on the Internet. In practice, it turned out that someone is unable to perform the proposed actions; someone after such settings cannot enter the site at all, and someone who does everything as it should be, still remains visible to other users. If you still want to try these methods, you can easily find them via the Internet and take all the necessary actions.However, if you fail to become "offline", do not be surprised.

Here are the most popular ways to make offline VKontakte. If you do not believe, you can check them yourself.