How to beat the Hunter?

Andrey Kim
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How to beat the Hunter?

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How to beat the Hunter?

The hunter is one of the most dangerous bosses in the Wormix game, and it is very difficult to defeat him. The hunter leads the battle in ranged tactics, he attacks from afar, but almost always hits exactly. In addition, this character very often uses the so-called laser trap, once in which the player loses the ability to move, and the Hunter easily deals with him.

However, it is still possible to kill the Hunter, if just as he did, fight using deceit and cunning.

How to beat Hunter: a few tips

  • Before the battle with the Hunter, make sure that you have a large supply of teleports, only this tool will allow you to avoid falling into the laser trap, which we discussed above.
  • In addition to teleports, stock up with all types of weapons for long-range combat - a sniper rifle, various types of mines and grenades, aerial bombs, etc. You need a ranged weapon, not only because the Hunter prefers to remain far from the enemy, but also because the chances of defeating him from afar are higher - in a close combat, the Hunter has almost no equal.
  • After the attack, try to hide in a secluded shelter - in a hole or tunnel, so that the blow of the Hunter does not reach you or is less noticeable.
  • If you have the opportunity, be sure to poison the Hunter, as a result of applying this technique, he will lose several lives each turn.
  • Do not forget to use the relief, if the Hunter is on the edge of a cliff, try to push it - if you succeed, the battle will immediately end with your victory.

Well, hopefully, these tips will help you cope with the insidious boss named Hunter.