How to become an artist?

Can you confess to others and, most importantly, to yourself, that your secret childhood dream was just to become an artist, draw pictures, reflect reality in drawings and create your own worlds? You are wondering how to become an artist and make your dreams come true? There are a few mandatory steps towards this dream. Let's break them down together.

It is believed that artists are free people who follow their hearts and bring a piece of their own world into the world around them. The artist must have two irreplaceable qualities: he must want to create and involve people in the beautiful.

You can be an artist in various fields and directions - it all depends on your aspirations and desires.

Sounds good, isn't it? A hundred years ago there was no such diversity of trends in art. Today, everyone can try themselves in it, even without special experience.

Where to start the path of the artist

If you have a talent "from God", and you do not need any knowledge and tips in this kind of art,then you can try to shine in the art community, without forgetting that as a “newcomer” you can get disapproving reviews about your work, regardless of its quality.

But what if you need experience and additional knowledge in order to rightfully call yourself an artist? This is very good if you are still at that age when you can start attending some art school. There you will gain experience in writing pictures, learn about different directions in the art of art, will be able to share experiences with other beginners. If you have missed the opportunity to go to art school, now there are a lot of courses for both beginning artists and professionals who want to raise their level or study new directions.

So, we decided on the first step - you need to decide whether you need additional education, and if so, where and how to receive it.

Step two - operation under the code name "promotion"

Suppose that you already have a certain amount of knowledge and, most importantly, work in order to acquaint others with your creativity with their help.Now it is necessary to declare yourself! Promote your work on the Internet, in various social networks. Thus, you will become recognizable and, maybe, even a popular artist. Today, advertising in social networks and the Internet is the answer to how to become a famous artist.

You can try to contact the management of any exhibition hall - there is always the opportunity to be seen in the artistic community and get recognition.

Do not forget about all sorts of forums, conferences and exhibitions, which are arranged not only for already well-known and respected artists, but also for new talents, which appear more and more.

Step Three - Development

Modernity cannot exist without development. The development of the artist - a determining factor in the formation of his work from the very beginning. If you want to succeed in art in the modern world, you just have to constantly learn something new and change with society and its interests. Today it is very easy to do because of the availability of information and freedom of choice.

If you aspire to your goal, change and change the world, then you will succeed.