How to boost metabolism

There are several simple but effective ways to speed up the metabolism, give the body strength in the fight against extra pounds.
Stop starving
Food speeds up metabolism, 10% of calories goes to the processing of nutrients. This does not mean that we should overeat. Many diets and programs provide for the intake of food in small portions five times a day. The most important thing is the right breakfast, it is in the morning that the body receives a charge for the whole day.
Water is a major participant in metabolism. The lack of water in the human body slows down the metabolism, in which case the liver will begin to restore the supply of fluid, and not to burn fat.
Physical activity
Regular exercise speeds up the metabolism. Cycling, swimming, walking or dancing - will burn calories. Strength training is very effective, they contribute to the growth of muscle mass, because muscles even require calories at rest.
Sauna and bath
Infrastructure or conventional bath enhances cellular activity, allows the skin to breathe. Also useful is a contrast shower and hot tubs from 5-10 minutes.Sauna or bath improves blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism.
Anti-cellulite massage force accelerates blood, pumps lymph and significantly improves metabolism. Deep massage helps speed up the metabolism in the skin. Vacuum massage improves blood circulation in the tissues, removes toxins and excess fluid.
The walks
Fresh air increases the activity of the body's cells, and restores the function of the glands. It also stabilizes the production of vitamin D, which is involved in fat metabolism.
Deep, sound sleep refreshes brain cells, stimulates the production of a hormone that improves metabolism, which leads to burning calories and weight loss.
Essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, lemon activate metabolism. Juniper oil relieves muscle pain, improves blood circulation.
It is proved that a lack of calcium in the body, can cause a hormone that stops the metabolism. Calcium is found in dairy products: cheese, yogurt, kefir.
Negative stress affects the human body, respectively, slows down the metabolism.Emotional - contributes to the development of steroid and cortisol, slowing down the metabolism. The best relaxation after a hard day: self-massage, yoga or hot bath.