How to build a subwoofer?

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How to build a subwoofer?

Any musical equipment can not only be purchased ready-made, but also made independently. In this case, it is also necessary to determine the choice of the necessary devices. More information about the selection of subwoofers can be found in our article - How to choose a subwoofer.

We will understand how to build a subwoofer yourself. For this you will need

  1. Box
  2. Speaker.
  3. Phase inverter.
  4. Power socket.
  5. Acoustic wire.

Also, for convenience, you can make the carrying handles (you can just leave the cut out holes in the box, and you can make them more comfortable, plastic).

Speaker Selection

The speaker determines the purity and power of sound reproduced by the speaker system. Therefore, it must be chosen correctly. When choosing this part of the subwoofer should pay attention to the following points:Speaker Selection

  1. You must select a speaker of the correct size. For example, a 10-inch loudspeaker is perfect for a box of 15-20 liters.
  2. Pay attention to the resistance of the amplifier in the coil. The smaller it is, the higher the power (ideally 2-4 ohms).
  3. Other parameters of the dynamics, which indicate the manufacturer: the quality factor (Qts), the resonance frequency is for open space (Fs), the equivalent volume (Vas).

Step 1. Box

  • At the very beginning it is necessary to prepare a box in which all the details will be placed. For its manufacture, you can use special calculation programs (DLSBox2000, WinISD, etc.). At the entrance you can getsubwooferinformation about the size of the box and phase inverter;
  • After that you need to make a drawing on paper;
  • Next comes the manufacturing process. The box can be made of plywood;
  • Preliminary, in the necessary walls it is necessary to cut openings for the loudspeaker, the socket, handles and the phase inverter;
  • Then everything is fastened with screws and glue;
  • For reliability, you can grease the corners with a sealant;
  • The box is puttied, polished, covered with leatherette.

You can find another way to make a subwoofer in our article - How to make a subwoofer yourself.

Step 2. Collect parts

How to build a subwoofer next? The next step is to connect all the details. First insubwooferthe handles are inserted into the box, then the loudspeaker and the phase inverter itself, the acoustic wire is connected to the socket. That's all, the speaker system is ready at the minimum monetary expenses.