How to bury your nose?

Runny nose - a frequent companion of colds. It gives a lot of inconvenience during the day and disrupts night sleep. For the treatment of rhinitis can use vasoconstrictor drops. The main thing is to carefully read the instructions before applying them. And in order to properly perform the procedure of introducing medication into the nose, you need to have some knowledge of how to properly bury the nose.

Use of vasoconstrictor drops

How to bury the nose vasoconstrictor drops? At the beginning of this procedure, it is necessary to blow out the nasal passages. After that, the patient should lie on his back or sit down, while tilting his head back and turning it in the direction in which the medicine will be instilled.

After instillation into one half of the nose, it is necessary to immediately tilt the head back and press the nostril to the nasal septum for 10-15 seconds. If you do not do this, the medicine immediately goes into the nasopharynx and will have virtually no effect on the nasal mucosa. In the other half of the nose, the medicine should be instilled by the same algorithm.

After instillation of drops in the nose, the patient must lie on the couch for at least 5 minutes.The medicine introduced into the nose is extremely rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and has a local and general effect on the entire body. Sometimes after the introduction of drops, the development of general body reactions to the introduction of certain types of drugs is possible.

Nasal breathing is restored by eliminating the swelling of the nasal mucosa. However, it is necessary to pay special attention at the time that vasoconstrictor drugs are not safe. With their long-term use, the vessels are dependent on such drops, as a result of which the vasoconstrictor drops become constantly necessary even in the absence of a rhinitis. Therefore, the basic rule of how to instill nasal drops is to bury them only when it is not possible to tolerate permanent nasal congestion.

How to drip nose baby

If an adult is sometimes difficult to cope with a cold, then the child even more needs help in dealing with nasal congestion. Therefore, each parent needs to know how to put drops in the baby's nose.

Before you drip drops into your nose, you must clean the child's nasal passages from the accumulated contents.In the case when the baby is too small and does not know how to blow your nose, you need to help him clean the nose.

If there is a need to dilute the accumulated contents, you can drip soda solution or alkaline non-carbonated mineral water into your nose. Then, the liquid contents of the nasal passages should be removed with a small syringe with a soft nose. Before the instillation of the drops, the child should be given the following body position: the baby should be laid and his head turned to the side where the drops will be buried. During the instillation of the drug, the child will have to slightly tilt the head back.

Now you need to take medicine into the pipette, gently lift the tip of the nose with your finger and drop 1-2 drops on the outer side into one nostril. Then the wing of the nose should be pressed against the nasal septum. Within 1-2 minutes the baby should not change the position of the body. Further, the procedure of instillation of drops must be repeated from the second nostril.

How to bury aloe

For the treatment of colds, you can use not only pharmaceutical drops, but also folk remedies. They are no less effective. It is necessary to pay special attention to the beneficial properties of aloe juice and learn how to bury aloe in the nose.

It is necessary to prepare drops immediately before instillation into the nose, since only fresh aloe juice can be used. For its preparation, you should choose a fleshy leaf, then you need to break it off at the very base, then squeeze the juice out of it.

For the treatment of common rhinitis with aloe juice, as a rule, it takes no more than 2-3 days. Children from 3 to 7 years should be instilled 4-6 times a day, 1-2 drops of juice in each nostril. The dosage of drops for children aged 8-14 years should be twice as high. Adults for one procedure will need 10 drops in both nostrils.

Special attention should be paid to how to put a nose to a child under the age of 3 years. In this case, it is not recommended to bury the pure aloe juice. It must be mixed with liquid honey in equal proportions. Then in the resulting liquid should be moistened with a cotton swab and wipe it every nasal passage.

In the treatment of complicated rhinitis, you should double the dose of aloe juice, but in order to enhance the effect, you need to mix aloe juice with a few drops of onion juice. It is necessary to carry out instillation for 7-10 days every 3 hours.

If you are afraid to perform this procedure yourself, consult a doctor who can clearly demonstrate what to do and how to do it.