How to buy stocks?

How to buy stocks?

How to buy stocks?





Shares of various industrial enterprises and organizations have recently received wide distribution in the securities market. Investing cash in stocks today is very popular. It should be noted that by acquiring shares of various companies that issue their shares on the securities market, you can earn very good money. Moreover, if you buy shares, you can earn both by their subsequent resale at a more favorable rate, and by receiving dividends as the holder of a block of shares.

  1. To profitably buy stocks, you should make a list of various companies whose stocks you want to purchase. Moreover, companies can be from any sphere of industrial and economic activity, for example, financial companies, banks, large industrial enterprises.
  2. You should also pay attention to the companies selling securities - various banks, brokerage houses, etc. Before buying shares, it is very important to ask whether the legal entity that sells the shares has the appropriate license.For this purpose, it is necessary to contact the nearest banking institution to obtain the necessary information regarding the circulation of securities.
  3. Along with this, it is necessary to track information in the media, because it is in the media that announcements of sales and stock quotes appear. Rapid tracking of information in the media is very important because it plays a major role in the beneficial acquisition of shares.
  4. Also, to obtain information be sure to use the Internet and various search engines.


So you will be aware of all changes in the securities market. As a result, you get up-to-date and reliable information about the state of financial markets, as well as about various brokerage agencies engaged in the purchase and sale of securities. After you have received comprehensive information about various brokerage firms, before you buy stocks, you must carefully examine all the price parameters for the sale and purchase of securities in a brokerage office and compare them with each other.

  1. Be sure to pay attention to quotations, marginality of securities, the amount of commission fees, the availability of working terminals, as well as the availability of information and analytical resources.
  2. To determine the most reliable seller, it is imperative to visit the brokerage office. If all the terms of sale and purchase of shares suit you, you can proceed with the conclusion of the contract. Currently, many brokerage offices offer their customers to enter into a contract and work online through the Internet.
  3. There are certain risks, for example, when investing large amounts of cash in securities. Therefore, before you buy shares, it is recommended to carefully study all the terms of the contract, the questionnaire, and also ask about the possibility of integrated services. It is also necessary to obtain from the broker all the data of the brokerage and deposit accounts.
  4. Only after all the conditions are met, you can deposit money into your account, while receiving the appropriate receipts.
  5. If you have questions, it is imperative to ask them to the broker. Also, the broker is obliged to provide analytical information on the specifics of the acquisition of certain securities. When purchasing various securities, you should notify the broker about it, or make it through the exchange terminal.
  6. When making a transaction, you receive a certificate for a share, as well as a corresponding account statement.


How to sell bank shares?



The most beneficial action on the securities market is the procedure for buying and selling stocks of various successful companies involved in various spheres of economic activity. Along with various industrial and trading corporations, various financial institutions issue their shares on the securities market. For example, commercial banks. But in order to profitably sell shares of a bank or other institutions, it is necessary to know and follow certain rules followed by all participants in the securities market.

  1. First, be sure to determine how relevant are these or other types of shares that you are going to sell in the near future.
  2. It is very important to track the dynamics of changes in the value of the securities you intend to buy or sell. This is done to ensure that the shares acquire their nominal market value and, accordingly, determine the best time to sell them.
  3. Also, by analyzing the dynamics of changes, you can track unwanted time to sell shares of a bank or other organization. In such cases, one should refrain from selling them immediately and wait until a steady increase in their value again.
  4. It is also necessary to constantly monitor the quotes of the securities you are interested in on the MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange) and the RTS Index (the Russian Trading System).
  5. Before selling shares of the bank, you should determine both their quotations and the liquidity in the securities market. For example, shares of Sberbank of Russia are in constant demand in many domestic and foreign securities markets.
  6. In order to maximize the profitability of selling bank shares that are at your disposal, it is recommended to use the services of a reliable brokerage company that provides a wide range of services for buying and selling securities. To do this, it is necessary to carefully analyze the indicators of participants in the securities market and select a representative who has a solid reputation and has been carrying out such activities for a long time and has favorable conditions for cooperation.
  7. It is also necessary to clarify the amount of all fees charged by the brokerage company. And if all the conditions suit you, you can enter into a contract.
  8. You should also remember that if you want to sell shares of a bank, sometimes this bank itself has a license to conduct brokerage activities, which can significantly simplify all calculations and actions with securities. An agreement on the provision of such services can usually be concluded in almost any branch of the specified bank.
  9. After the contract is concluded. Securities are deposited with a broker indicating the price for which you wish to sell shares of a bank or other organization. When setting the price, you must wait until the transaction is completed and then check your current account or get cash at the brokerage office.


How to redeem bonds?

How to redeem bonds?

How to redeem bonds?



What is a bond? This is one of the types of securities, the holder of which has the right to receive the material, financial values ​​or services stipulated in the bonds. All the conditions associated with the bonds and subject to execution are clearly indicated and described in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


Most often, issuing bonds and issuing them to holders is treated as a loan agreement.However, a bond loan is subject to double regulation (civil law and special rules on the circulation of securities), in contrast to credit agreements.


How to redeem bonds? What is the essence of the bond?


  1. Each such paper has a nominal value and maturity.
  2. If you want to redeem a bond, then it must be done within the time specified in the contract: in this case, the legal or natural person who issued the bond is obliged to pay you the paper value at face value or compensate it with material values. Most often, the value of the bonds is indicated in the state currency, however, in connection with the contract, it is possible to require the publisher of the bonds and alternative payment options.
  3. Alternative options for the redemption of bonds are also provided. They can be invested and transferred to various stocks, obtaining a housing certificate, or simply changed to bonds of other series. Using the received certificate for housing, it is possible to receive for personal use a certain amount of living space received for the funds raised by issuing bonds.
  4. How to redeem bonds? The maturity of bonds is very important. If a specific maturity date is indicated, it is necessary to perform this operation on that particular day, agreed in advance in the contract. It often happens that the repayment period is stretched for a certain period of time - in this case, the issuer needs to write an application for the redemption of the bond.
  5. However, remember: during the redemption of bonds, strict sequence is observed - those bonds whose holders sent letters earlier are redeemed earlier.
  6. Be sure to follow the details, redeeming the bond an alternative option. In this case, you can receive material goods and all kinds of services produced and provided by the issuer in a volume that coincides with the nominal value of the security. A preferential variant of its redemption is possible: in this case services and goods are not free, but they have a substantial discount on the same amount.
  7. The most important rule for a bondholder is to always carefully read the terms of the contract, the rules and terms of repayment, the list of possible services and material values. The more carefully you work out the contract - the less you will have the probability.face any problem related to the redemption of this type of securities.


How to buy a gold bar?



Gold is the king of metals. This is known even to schoolchildren. Since ancient times, man loved and appreciated this metal, it was used as a currency and for its manufacture. Gold is the second most valuable metal on the planet (after platinum), it is an absolute conductor and has a mass of unique physical and chemical properties. Truly a noble metal that will never lose its value.

Any educated financier will tell you why gold has such high liquidity - however, now it is not about that at all. Gold grows in price - and the time to transfer your savings into gold reserves, as a slow but steady rise in prices for this precious metal will allow you to significantly increase your savings without taking any additional measures to this.

How to buy a gold bar? How to buy gold?

  1. First you need to find and contact a bank that has a state license to issue, buy and sell gold bullion. The specific weight of the ingots offered varies in the rangefrom one gram to one kilogram - this moment with regards to the weight range also needs to be clarified with the bank management.
  2. If you immediately decide to buy gold, you should know that you will be required to provide documents proving your identity for the security of the state gold fund.
  3. After that, choose the ingot you like. It will not be smooth - in our time, all manufactured ingots are marked with the state of manufacturer and manufacturer. Most likely, the word “RUSSIA”, the number of the gold bar, the quality of the gold in the samples and, possibly, a graphic symbol - the marking of the bank that produced the ingot will be minted on your ingot.
  4. Carefully ensure that the ingot is intact, without scratches and vyashcherblin - in the future this can significantly reduce the price of the ingot when selling. Think about the place and technology of storing your gold reserves: gold has a great natural softness, which requires you to take special measures to protect the bars from external influences and possible physical damage.
  5. It is best to remove a specialized bank cell, renting it for a specified period, specifically explaining in the contract that the responsibility for the state of material values ​​in the cell lies with the management of the bank.

How to buy a gold bar? By fulfilling these requirements, you can quickly and without problems invest your savings in gold, create your own gold fund and effectively manage them, carefully preserving it.