How to calculate in a man a bad lover by date of birth

Olga Pertseva, a numerologist, is sure that all you need is just to see a couple of numbers.

You remember the words of Samantha from “Sex and the City”: “Perfect in all respects, terrible in bed” ... In order not to get into the same problem, the numerologist Olga Pertseva suggested her system how to find out that a man has decreased libido.

And all that is required for this is to know the date of birth of your young man.

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And yes, it is also desirable to have a mobile phone or laptop by hand in order to calculate the numerological matrix by date of birth.

Well, then look at the columns "Temperament" and "Family." And it is bad if your MCH indicators do not shine there, namely you saw "0 / ½".

If such a person will try in bed, then only the first time ... And then he will see in you a "reliable comrade" or he will start looking for a replacement in search of sharp emotions, as he quickly cools.

“It is worthwhile for such a man to study the habits of his partner, as he no longer“ clings ”to both sex and then the relationship as a whole. There is a big risk of betrayal, and he is not looking for novelties in sex, but an external novelty.If your partner has this indicator and you are married, try changing your appearance! Repaint your hair, change your hairstyle, drastically change your style of clothes, - Olga Pertseva advises. - Also, if you feel the weak vibrations of a husband, then go out more often with an overnight rest. The change of locations gives such a man the opportunity to “recharge the clip,” and sexuality and attraction become stronger ”.