How to call artists?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 17, 2015
How to call artists?

For its centuries-old history, painting has been divided into many genres, according to which it is customary to call artists. So, if an artist paints mostly portraits, he is a portrait painter, landscapes are a landscape painter, etc. In this article we will look at the most famous painting genres and tell you what to call artists in accordance with them.

Artists by genres

  • So, portrait is a genre in the visual arts, which has not lost its popularity over the centuries. Portraitists portray a person, while conveying his inner world. Famous portrait painters are D. Velasquez, P. Rubens, V. Serov, El Greco.
  • Still life is a depiction of objects, most often flowers, fruits and vegetables, dishes, etc. The well-known still-life painters are P. Konchalovsky, M. Saryan, P. Cezanne, V. Van Gogh.
  • Landscape is a very common genre depicting nature. Seascape decided to allocate a separate genre - Marina. Marinists depict the sea. Perhaps one of the most famous artists of this genre is I.Aivazovsky. Among landscape painters it should be noted I. Levitan, I. Shishkin, V. Polenov, K. Lorrain, A. Kuindzhi.
  • Animalistic painting - the image of animals. Artists of the genre are called animal painters. Famous among them are F. Mark, P. Potter, J. Stubbs.
  • Battle painting is a genre that is devoted to military themes with scenes of battles. Adherents of the genre is called the battle painters. Famous painters in this genre include N. Belov, V. Simpson, Y. Brandt.
  • Historical painting is intended to depict the events of the past, but often it is based not only on real subjects, but also on mythological and evangelical ones. Painters are called artists of the historical genre. Among them are K. Flavitsky, D. Beccafumi, F. Pradilla, A. Vasnetsov, K. Bryullov, V. Surikov.
  • Religious painting is devoted to depicting plots of a religious nature. The adherents of this direction are artists of the religious genre. Famous names among them are J. Alibrandi, A. Sabatini, R. Vanni, I. Seleznev.