How to call to Minsk?

Tamara Sidorova
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How to call to Minsk?

Many people have relatives in Belarus, and probably at least once in the head of each of them there was a question about how to call to Minsk and contact their relatives. After all, not everyone can come thousands of kilometers to chat about simple things or learn how to health. For this and need a phone.

Calling to a neighboring country from a landline phone is generally easy.

Before you make a call from Russia to Minsk, you need to dial the following combination:

8, waiting for a dial tone, 10 375 17. Then the phone number of the capital of Belarus is dialed.

  • 10 is the code for the international connection.
  • 375 is the international dialing code of Belarus.
  • 17 is a national dialing code in Minsk.

To call to Minsk to a stationary device from a mobile phone, you need to dial +375 17, and then the phone number. By the way, to dial "+", simply press "0" or "*" twice on your mobile (depending on the model).