How to calm the child?

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How to calm the child?

Through shouting little children express not only pain and fear, but also any sensations of discomfort. The baby may just dream of something not right, he may become hot or cold, some toy may not like it, and he will immediately notify about this event with a desperate cry. How to calm the baby, will be discussed in our article.

You should know that a healthy and happy baby, who has satisfied all his needs, will not make you hysterical.

What does a baby cry about?

If a baby cries, then this may indicate that:

  • He is tired and wants to sleep;
  • He wants to be shook;
  • He has an increased sensitivity of the skin, which can periodically give extremely unpleasant sensations;
  • He is worried or frightened, not satisfied with the contact with his mother, father, people around him. Children can react very acutely even to the negative emotional intensity in the family, especially to the negative psychological state of the mother;
  • He went in a big way or in a small way or is going to do it;
  • He is cold, hot. He is uncomfortable to lie. He wants to drink or eat;
  • He requires contact with the mother;
  • He needs to satisfy the sucking reflex;
  • He manifests meteosensitivity, reaction to the phase of the moon.
  • He feels bad, something hurts him.

What if baby is crying?

To reassure the child, it is necessary to exclude the presence of all factors listed in the previous paragraph.

  1. Put it in the crib, lull it with a song, wiggle.
  2. Take it on your hands, put it on your tummy, put the head on its side and rock it in parallel, slightly shaking it. A quiet, hissing sound (�white noise�) calms down very well - bend over the ear of your baby while you are rocking it and gently nip it. The sound should be long, smooth, i.e. monotonous.
  3. Inspect the skin - if there is any redness, rash. It may be worth changing clothes, bedding for items made of another material, more �affectionate�.
  4. Try to calm down, adjust the positive emotional atmosphere in the house. Your baby should feel that it is surrounded only by love, care, tenderness.
  5. Check the diaper and replace it if necessary.
  6. Cover or, on the contrary, remove some of the clothes, bedding. Give a drink or offer to eat.
  7. Take the baby on the handles, press him to the chest. Kiss, talk to him. Many children are very well soothed diapering with handles. It will be more convenient to use modern special diapers.
  8. Give a soother.
  9. Try to analyze the source of pain, malaise. Call a doctor.

Try to just apply the methods with swaddling, "white noise", rhythmic motion sickness with shaking, nipple. Tightness, constant rocking, light noise, sucking reflex - these are natural conditions for the newborn, which he experiences either during the whole months of intrauterine development or in the last periods. And because such actions will help calm the child.