How to catch a catfish?

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How to catch a catfish?

Catfish hunting is very popular among fishermen-athletes. Before catching a catfish, a fisherman must know where to catch a catfish and what this fish bites. Only knowing the periods of activity and spawning, the preferred feeding places and other features of the catfish's way of life, can one become a professional hunter for a handsome river.

Features of anatomy and habitat of catfish

Catfish have very small eyes. This is explained by the fact that most of the time they spend at the bottom of the reservoir almost in the dark. But the catfish has a rather strong sense of smell, which is several times stronger than that of pikeperch or perch. Therefore, when searching for food, somas rely on smell, and not on vision. In this regard, the smell of bait is more important than its color.

The main organ of the catfish is a mustache. With their help, the fish determines the location of prey, the size of the surrounding objects. The mustache helps the catfish to “walk” along the bottom of the reservoir and stay in the right place with a strong current.

Catfish lives in almost all freshwater rivers. Since cool water is more acceptable for catfish,he prefers to be in the pits at the depth of the reservoir. A huge head and a small swim bladder help to easily sink to the bottom of the soma.

Eat catfish rises in shallow water. Favorite places are the deep drops, dumps and exits of their pits. Therefore, in order to catch a catfish, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the bottom relief and the presence of places of possible shelter (snags sticking out of the water, sunken tree trunks, etc.). Worms and various insects, showered from the washed-out shore, are good food for catfish. In combination with deep water, this place is ideal for its habitat.

The best time for a catfish hunt

The greatest activity is characteristic for som in the warm period of the year. In the fall, before winter “hibernation”, catfish is stored in fat. Therefore, autumn is considered the best season for catfish hunting. When the water temperature drops below + 8 ° C, it sleeps at the bottom and almost does not eat.

With the advent of the first heat, catfish slowly recovers. At first he is very lazy and eats mainly what he can find on the bottom (shells, worms, carrion). After the water warms up to + 20 ° C spawning begins. After about 20 days, the period of spring zhora and mass hunting for catfish begins.

Catfish prefers to swim in shallow water in search of food after sunset until dawn, as well as on cloudy and rainy days. Big catch can bring fishing on the eve of a thunderstorm.

How to catch catfish on various baits

When choosing what to catch catfish, you need to consider that catfish is a predatory fish. It feeds on small and medium fish, crayfish, river mollusks. Larger individuals may hunt waterfowl or mice and rats that have fallen into the water.

Immediately after hibernation, catfish are better caught by bearheads, worms, leeches, slightly foul fish slices, frogs. It is believed that a sparrow, roasted on a fire, as well as bird offal is a great delicacy for catfish.

When the water warms up to + 10 ° C, you can switch to artificial bait (wobblers, silicone, dancer). When choosing a place you can focus on the presence of roach or bream.

When choosing a fishing instrument, you must consider the type of bait, the place and time of the hunt.