How to celebrate New Year?

New year most people associate with the beginning of a new life. No wonder there is a belief that as you meet a year, so it will pass. Therefore, almost everyone is trying to celebrate this holiday in full, so that the next year will be as merry and successful as its first days. In this article we will describe how to celebrate the New Year depending on the possibilities.

How to celebrate a holiday at home

New Year is a family holiday, first of all, therefore it is customary to celebrate it with the closest people. And if you are going to celebrate the New Year at home, you should think through every detail so that all family members like the holiday. Many dishes are prepared in advance. Classic pancakes, Olivier, cabbage rolls and baked meat should decorate your table first. Of course, all kinds of sweets, baked, fruits will also be present. But since all this is done almost every year, you can diversify the New Year's menu with something original. Instead of the usual salads and appetizers worth trying new recipes.

Christmas tree decoration is another nice tradition that is desirable to follow. Many dress her up a few days before the holiday or on Catholic Christmas. But you can leave this pleasant lesson for New Year's Eve and decorate the tree with the whole family. It is not necessary to sit at the table by twelve at night, when they start to beat the chimes. You can start dinner from eight to nine in the evening, if you have everything ready. Moreover, lately, living a busy and busy life, all family members rarely can gather at the same table and just talk.

Dine at the holiday table, try to remember what successes and achievements were in your family over the past year, and what has not been done so far. On such a holiday it is customary to say toasts wishes. Let each family member say what he would like in the new year. You can include videos that were made together, and thus say goodbye to the outgoing year.

It would be nice to make new videos - with toasts of each family member. So it will be possible to sum up the next New Year. This will be the beginning of a fun and useful family tradition. In addition, everyone in the family can write down their dreams on a piece of paper, but in the meantime the clock will beat the last blows, burn it and pour the ashes into a glass of wine or champagne.Drink you need to drink in one gulp before it breaks midnight. They say that during the year all dreams written must come true. On the topic, also read our article When celebrating the New Year.

After that you can put on some fun music and dance with your loved ones. Remember, when was the last time you did it? .. You can also play some board games in which the whole family can participate, or you can watch an old favorite movie with everyone.

How to celebrate the New Year outside the home

If every New Year you are going to be at home or with relatives, this will surely bother you, so you want to change everything dramatically and go far, far away. When financial opportunities allow, the direction is not difficult to choose. It is very interesting to spend at least once such a holiday on a warm beach and forget about the dull winter days. Therefore, many families go, for example, to Thailand or Singapore. It should be said that such a trip will be relatively inexpensive if you book tickets and accommodation in advance. Beach party near the sea will be a real New Year's fairy tale.

If you want this "winter holiday", then you can go to the mountains with the whole family.Fresh air, skis, barbecues in nature, walks through the snowy forests and a festive dinner by the fireplace in a small cozy cottage will appeal to all family members. On such a vacation, you can safely go and alone, because not only remarkably celebrate the New Year, but also be boring rest. By the way, our article on How to celebrate New Year's Eve will be useful to you.

If you do not have the opportunity to go outside the country, you can find a good option for country rest. It is not necessary to go far from home, the main thing is to spend the holiday with pleasure. A great option would be a cottage - your own or a villa of friends. There you can get together and celebrate New Year with families. That's where it will be fun to play various games, sculpt a snowman in front of the house, decorate a Christmas tree and even drive round dances. Guests can play the role of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, who will also hold various competitions and distribute prizes and gifts. Especially if you have children with you, they will remember such a holiday for a long time.

You can also spend New Year's Eve in your favorite institution. All the clubs, restaurants, bars and pubs on this day organize something interesting, which you can find out on their pages in social networks.Look at the programs of different institutions and select the option that promises to be the most interesting and fun.

If none of the options suits you, come to Red Square in Moscow or Palace Square in St. Petersburg.