How to change the tariff for MTS?

July 25, 2014
How to change the tariff for MTS?

MTS offers a good choice of tariffs for subscribers with a variety of needs and periodically updates the line, launching new tariff plans. Any user can change their tariff to a more attractive one by paying a small amount for it. We will discuss how to change the MTS tariff in this article.

Tariff change via phone

The easiest way to change the tariff is to send the appropriate command from the phone. MTS tariffs are described in detail, and numbers for the transition are also given there.

Open the description of the tariff, scroll through it to the end and click on the “Go to this tariff” button (by the way, note that the cost of the transfer is written here) The section with the description of transition methods will be developed. Dial the specified command on your phone - for example, * 111 * 1024 # - and press the call button.

You can also switch to the new tariff via SMS. To do this, send to 111 the message with the code of the selected tariff plan. Sending SMS is free, the tariff change itself will cost as much as indicated in the description.The list of tariff codes can be found on the MTS website.

How to change the tariff for MTS via the Internet

Each MTS subscriber can use a personal account on the operator’s website. Click the My Account link in the upper left corner of the main page, select the Mobile connection item and on the page that opens, click the Get password by SMS link to request a password to log in. In the window that opens, enter your phone number and security code from the image, and then click the "Get password" link.

When you receive the password via SMS, log in to your Personal Account and go to the "Tariffs and Services" section. There, click the link “Change tariff plan”, select the desired tariff plan and follow the instructions of the site to change the tariff on MTS.

Some rates can be accessed directly from the page with a description. Click "Go to tariff", and in the expanded section - the link "Internet Assistant". Create a password and send a free message to the number 111 with the text “25 your password” (without quotes).

After that, log into the Internet Assistant with your phone number and password created. On the page that opens, select the “Tariffs and Services> Change in Tariff Plan” section, find the required option in the list and follow the instructions of the website to change the tariff.