How to check honey for naturalness?

Angelica Artemyeva
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How to check honey for naturalness?

Even in appearance and taste of honey, much can be said about the quality of the product. This honey is fragrant, slightly tart with the presence of a slight bitterness, having tried once - it is difficult to confuse it with something.

  • One of the most reliable ways to check the honey for naturalness, to see how much the product has a viscous consistency. This can be checked with the help of a usual spoon - good honey will be wound around it, and not flow down. If you rub a droplet between your fingers - it is easily absorbed, leaving no lumps.
  • It should also be remembered that any honey one or two months after harvesting crystallizes. In late autumn, and, especially in winter, it cannot remain liquid at all, of course, if it was not subjected to heat treatment to give a presentation. Unfortunately, under the influence of high temperatures, honey loses all its beneficial properties, so it is better to give preference to "candied".
  • Beekeepers often use sugar syrup to feed bees.After that, honey has no characteristic pronounced taste and aroma, moreover, it contains practically no useful substances. To determine the sugar forgery, it is enough to drop a piece of bread into honey: if the product is of high quality, the bread will harden after a few minutes, otherwise it will become even softer.
  • Negligent producers can afford to dilute the honey with various impurities, starch, flour, various cereals, and even sand are used. You can determine their content using a small experiment. It is necessary to dilute the honey in a small amount of water and add a couple of drops of iodine; if the mixture turns blue, it means that there is starch. Replacing iodine with vinegar, we will determine the presence of chalk: in this case, the solution will foam because of the released carbon dioxide.
  • In addition, you can check the honey for naturalness using ordinary water. Quality honey dissolves in water completely - no foreign substances on the surface, no sediment should not be.