How to choose a good swimsuit?

Ahead of the long-awaited summer holidays, as well as the time of holidays, when you want to relax, have fun and shine in all its glory on the beach in a new swimsuit! You can watch a pretty model in a good store, and if you can’t find a suitable one, look for swimsuits in the online store. Among the many options for sure there is one that is perfect for you. It is necessary that the swimsuit is not only like, but also fit well, skillfully hiding its flaws and emphasizing the attractive sides.

Choose a swimsuit on the type of figure

  1. The ideal of feminine beauty are considered "hourglass." If you have such a type, then you are incredibly lucky - almost any swimsuit will only decorate it! You can choose any style, you need to be careful with the pattern and tone of the fabric - the shade should be combined with your color type. Do not forget about the appropriate accessories: a handbag, shoes, jewelry and a hat is not only beautiful, but also very practical.
  2. A triangle-like figure (silhouette A) is distinguished by wide hips and narrow shoulders.You need to balance it, picking up a model that will reduce the hips and extend the shoulders. Do not choose the bottom of a swimsuit, made in a light shade or with many decorative details - this will only visually add volume to the already wide hips. For the top, the advice is reverse: wide straps, ties, light colors, all kinds of décor are welcome! You can choose a one-piece swimsuit, and you can choose a separate top and bottom, for example, a lush light bodice and laconic melting of a dark shade. Choose a horizontal strip at the top and a vertical at the bottom.
  3. With the figure "inverted triangle" hips already shoulders, so you need a little hide shoulders and draw attention to the hips. You should choose a swimsuit with wide straps. In a one-piece swimsuit in the top will look good pictures, vertical and asymmetrical strings. For the bottom, choose ruffles and flounces, side ties, decorative horizontal details. Models with a monophonic top and with a bottom made with prints or horizontal stripes will look good. Shorts look especially good on girls with such a figure.
  4. For girls with a “rectangle” shape (H), the waist is not expressed, so the swimsuit should create and emphasize the missing curves.In fused models, this function is performed by inserts, draperies, decorative cuts and patterns. You need to create an effect in which your hips and breasts seem wider than your waist. You can choose a model in which there is a detail in the form of a belt. Good looking contrast side panels, which narrow the torso in the center. Also look at the models of "monokini" - an option for the bold and extraordinary.

The choice of swimsuit, depending on the features of the figure

  1. With a small chest, push up cups will be nice on the bodice. Various embroideries, decorative details, prints, draperies look great - they create volume.
  2. If you have a tummy better to choose a one-piece swimsuit. Choose a model of matte fabric, made in a dark color or having a dark bottom and light top. You can also find a swimsuit with slimming inserts in the abdomen or with bright detail in the upper part.
  3. Girls with a fluffy figure should pay special attention to the quality of the fabric - the swimsuit should keep its shape well. Of the styles, it is preferable to mayo, tankini, sweater. Choose wide straps. It is best to look solid styles, but if you want to choose a separate swimsuit, make sure that the top is well supported chest, and the bottom was made in a classic fit.Discard large prints and designs, most suitable strip. Swimsuits of an unsuitable size or too thick will not suit you at all - they will highlight the bulges and make the figure larger. It is better to search for a suitable model from well-known manufacturers who specialize in the production of Plus Size models. They choose the most suitable styles and accessories of high quality. Of great importance are the seams: they must be strong, neat and smooth.

Types of swimsuits

Modern swimwear has a large variety of styles: you can choose for every taste and color and to the figure with any features.

Types of separate swimsuits:

  1. Bando In such a bathing suit, the bodice is more often performed without a strap, but there are also models with them. The bodice visually enlarges the small chest.
  2. Bikini. The most popular type of women's swimsuit, has a bra on thin straps and small size panties. The best choice for slender girls.
  3. Halter In it straps are tied around the neck, it perfectly supports the chest.
  4. Tankini - a type of separate swimsuit, where the bodice is made in the form of a top. This swimsuit will hide good massive hips and tummy.
  5. Simdress In this swimsuit there is a short skirt that hides the flaws of the bottom. Suitable for those who are accustomed not only to sunbathe in the sun, but also to run along the shore and play outdoor games.

Types of swimsuits:

  1. Fused gang - strapless swimsuit. Visually shortens the body too long and corrects the full hips.
  2. Mayo - a one-piece swimsuit in a classic style, with attached straps. Universal option for any shape.
  3. The tank resembles mayo in style, but it has one-piece straps. Perfectly slim figure.
  4. Plandzh - a model that has a deep neckline back and front. Visually lengthens the short body and increases the chest.
  5. The one-piece swimwear looks like a separate swimsuit, but the model is one-piece.
  6. Monokini - a solid swimsuit, models have a different original design.
  7. High Nek - sporty type with a low neckline. Well lengthen the body.
  8. Halter The straps, as in the split version, are fastened / fastened at the neck. It makes the shoulders wider, well supports the chest, makes the hips more elegant.
  9. Skirtini - there is a small skirt as a supplement to the swimsuit.