How to choose a home staff?

If you are the owner of a large country house and can afford to pay the labor of additional workers for its maintenance, it is time to recruit domestic staff. Previously, this was done by the hereditary aristocracy, which owned entire estates: a full staff of workers performed the most diverse work, moreover, they moved up the corporate ladder from simple positions to higher and more responsible ones. Now everything is much simpler, but they still need the work of professional staff. Usually this is a small staff of several people, or even one person at all - it all depends on the wishes of the owner of the house and the types of work that need to be done in a particular house.

When searching for responsible and professional workers, you can contact special agencies where the best candidates are presented with a resume and portfolio. "Leader-prestige" - the agency of nannies in Moscow, as well as other domestic staff in a wide range. The site contains a variety of home specialties, you can pre-examine price lists, leave applications for staff and examine the forms of housekeepers.

General criteria for the selection of domestic staff

  1. If you are collecting staff, and do not look for one person for a particular specialty, decide for a start what specialties you need. Some of the most popular are housemaids, maids and nannies. For the maintenance of a large house and housekeeping, you can not do without a maid, you can hire a maid to help her. If you have a large family, you like to eat tasty and varied meals, or you often arrange joint dinners with relatives and friends, hire a good chef. If mom and dad are busy, you need to take care of the comfort and comfort of a small child - for this you should hire a good nanny. Gardener, governess, driver, tutor, housekeeper, nurse and other specialties are less popular and depend on the individual needs of the customer.
  2. Study information about a person: age, education, work experience, availability of the necessary documents (medical book), suitable working conditions for this person are the most important criteria. Neatness and a pleasant appearance are also important for working in the house, especially for nannies and housekeepers. In the agency, you can choose the candidates you like and assign an interview, which the company employee can conduct with you.
  3. The interview stage involves communication between a potential candidate and a client. You will understand whether it is easy for you to find a common language, if you get along with each other, whether the candidate is suitable for your requirements and whether you are ready to follow his conditions if he offers any. At this stage, all the nuances and details of cooperation are clarified, and you choose the most suitable candidate from the selected ones.
  4. Next, you need to hold a trial period. In a good agency, this moment is assumed: you can agree and set your own term or choose the term recommended by the agency for this specialty. It can be from a week to a couple of months.
  5. After the chosen candidate has shown himself well during the probationary period, he can be accepted for a permanent job. Once again, clarify all the basic conditions, coordinate them among themselves, enter into a contract.

General recommendations for basic home specialties

  1. Nanny. The nanny replaces the mother during working hours, so the maximum should have maternal qualities and have the necessary knowledge to care for children. It is necessary to have a medical book, positive experience with young children, caring, accuracy, cleanliness, patience, the ability to find contact with the child.Pedagogical education is welcome. A nanny should know and understand how to care for a child, provide him with all basic needs, understand child psychology, play with a baby and develop it.
  2. Maid. Cleanliness, tidiness, the desire for a quality result of work - this is what is important for a good maid. Cleaning the room, it is not too lazy to wipe the tops of the cabinets, clean the glass, carefully vacuum under the bed. Dust actively accumulates even in those places with which we do not directly contact every day, but this does not mean that it does not have a harmful effect on the body. The maid should be able to quickly and efficiently carry out the usual cleaning, as well as general, with a specified frequency.
  3. The housekeeper is a complex worker who performs the duties of a maid, cook, housekeeper. The scope of her duties is very wide, so when selecting a candidate for this position, you need to discuss in advance what and when a person will have to perform. If you have a big house with a lot of work, the housekeeper may need a helper.Offer an adequate regime and amount of work, as well as a decent wage for labor, as this position is one of the most difficult. Requirements for a housekeeper: hard work, knowledge and skills in housekeeping, multitasking, diligence, following the regime and the order worked out.