How to choose a job teenager

Article 63 of the Labor Code states that an employment contract may be made with citizens who are 16 years old. But also an employment contract can be concluded with persons whose age has reached 14 years, but with the consent of the parents and in their free time from school.

What kind of work to choose a teenager who is 14-15 years old?

Work for such citizens should not be hard and interfere with their studies, work should not be harmful to the health of a teenager. But once again I must say that an employment contract with citizens of this age category can be made only with the consent of the parents or guardian.

Moreover, the working week should be a maximum of 24 hours. And Article 267 of the Labor Code provides for the granting of leave to minors, the duration of which is 1 month, at any time they choose.

So, in 14 years, you can consider the following vacancies:

- nanny;

- deliveryman;

- Dishwasher;

- cleaner;

- Assistant to the service station.

Who can work if a teenager is 16-18 years old?

From 16 years to find a job much easier.So, the working day will be 7 hours (during the holidays) or 4 hours (during training).

Parental consent is no longer necessary. For this age category, Article 267 of the Labor Code also applies (the content is indicated above).

In addition to the vacancies proposed above, the following are added:

- waiter;

- merchandiser.

So, if you have decided on a job, youIt is necessary to prepare the following documents:

- passport;

- a document from the educational institution;

- medical certificate;

- permission from parents or guardian (14-16 years);


- employment record (if you worked before).

Summarizing the above, it should be noted that the choice of work is a very serious and important stage in a person’s life, entry into adult life, which must be treated with special responsibility.