How to choose a kettle for a stove

Mental warmth and tranquility, which gives a leisurely tea, it is difficult to overestimate. It doesn’t matter whether you make a cup of fragrant tea, being alone or in a circle of loved ones, friends, relaxing moments will help you to gain strength for new achievements, give you time to reflect on a difficult decision.

Despite the dominance of electrical household appliances, bathtub kettles remain in demand by many hostesses. With such an assistant, you can not depend on the presence of electricity if you have gas.

What are the teapots for stoves

Models of boiling kettles are divided according to the material of manufacture:

  • glass,
  • metal (stainless steel)
  • cast iron.

All models presented for selection are certified, meet the requirements of environmental friendliness and chemical safety for human health.

Stainless steel is practical and low maintenance. In combination with an inexpensive price, wide size range and minimalist design, successfully fits into any interior kitchen design,stainless steel kettles remain the most desirable item to buy.

Cast-iron kettles are rare, rare items. It is unlikely that you will meet them on sale, except on the site They are created for interiors decorated with antique. Of the quality advantages, it is worth noting that the heated water in them does not cool for a long time. Cast iron kettles are not demanding in care, they serve for a long time, but they should be protected from accidental falls: having a solid weight, the product not only splits itself, but also causes significant damage.

Glass teapots are a tribute to modern fashion. They are beautiful and effects, able to find a place in any kitchen. But suitable only for an accurate hostess - to maintain the purity of the glass when used for boiling hard water will take a lot of effort. The disadvantage will be the initial fragility of the material.

Criteria for choosing a kettle for a stove

When choosing a kettle, they are guided by the material they like and the required volume.

For practical reasons, it is worth to assess the convenience of the handle: it is preferable to consider models with a vertical handle than with a horizontal handle - so it is more likely that it will not heat up during the process. Rubber anti-slip pad on it is also a plus.

There is a detailed technical description in the Astia catalog for each kettle that allows you to make the best choice among all models.