How to choose a sheepskin coat?

People who specialize in furs consider Finnish and Canadian sheepskin coats the best in quality. Well, from the cheaper ones, the Yugoslav, Bulgarian and Romanian ones. As for pricing, American, German and French sheepskin coats are much more expensive, but they are much worse in the cold. Let's analyze in this article how to choose the right sheepskin coat. After all, a very large number of sheepskin coats sold for sale were imported from Turkey. They were created in a factory or in artisanal conditions.

Which manufacturer is better

If you want to buy a quality sheepskin coat, and it is desirable that it does not let the cold through, then you should know some nuances.

  • Products made of fur velor, Turkish and Russian sheep hides, experts consider the warmest and most durable. It is their thick fur and thick, dense skin. The disadvantage is that these sheepskin coats are not very intricately carved. But on the other hand, they are excellent in keeping warm. With them are not afraid of any frost.
  • As for Italian sheepskin coats, they are sewn from Spanish fur velor.The fur on the sheepskin coat is soft, not at all thick, even airy, and the skin is porous and thin. Such sheepskin coats do not really warm you up in evil frosts. In addition, they are not durable. Plus, they are very beautiful and elegant.

How to choose a sheepskin coat: tips from professionals

  1. To verify the quality of the selected product, swipe the skin with the palm of your hand. There must be a trace on it. Fur velor should be soft and delicate to the touch, and the pile should be uniform in length over the entire area.
  2. Carefully inspect the entire product. On the surface of the sheepskin coat there should be no glue, scratches, stains, traces of coloring matter.
  3. If you want to buy a quality sheepskin coat with a water-repellent film, then make sure that this is true. The coating must be elastic, uniform, resistant to wet and dry friction.
  4. Look through the trim, seams and corners of the pockets. Note, the seams should look smooth, without folds and gaps. If sheepskin coat of good quality, then the seams should be double.
  5. If you pull the product to the floor with your hands, then the sleeves of a good and high-quality thing will not stretch. Make sure that the sheepskin coat does not smell chemical.
  6. Be aware that when buying a product you need to pay attention not only to the product itself, but also to its labeling. It should indicate where the product was made, the rules for operation, cleaning and maintenance.
  7. A high-quality product must be accompanied by a certificate in which it is indicated that after chemical treatment the thing will not lose its original appearance.

Better to take in the store

  • Buying a sheepskin coat is safest, of course, in the store. But making a purchase, be sure to focus on the manufacturer. Canadian and Finnish products are considered good. Here are just prices bite. Significantly cheaper - Romanian, Yugoslav, Bulgarian sheepskin coats. They are also not very bad quality. But it should be borne in mind that most of the sheepskin coats sold in Russia are made in Turkey. But, again, you need to make sure that the product is not created in artisanal conditions. Otherwise, you yourself will not be happy with your purchase.
  • We do not recommend buying Chinese-made products.
  • It is best to purchase at the end of the winter period. Since off-season products are much cheaper. When buying a sheepskin coat, be guided not by appearance, but by quality.

Important points for purchase

  1. Consider the more silky the surface of the skin, the higher the quality of the thing.
  2. If you buy a dyed sheepskin coat, then you should hold a napkin over the surface of the skin and make sure that there is no trace on it. Otherwise, the product after the first rain will shed. Remove the product and inspect the wrong part of the skin, the paint should soak the skin completely.
  3. By the way, pay attention to the tailoring and cutting of the product. The fur should be, on all the details, combed in one direction. Better if the bottom up. Otherwise, once in the rain, you risk getting a product with parts of different color.
  4. In a well-made thing, the nap should not crumble. Make sure that it is uniform and without bald spots along the entire length.
  5. If the sheepskin coat shows the bumps, then this indicates that the product is stretched.
  6. Do not forget to view the tag. It should contain information in full.
  7. If the product is contraindicated for chemical treatment, then in no case do not give it to dry cleaning.

Keep in mind that, guided by the "Law on Consumer Rights", you can exchange a fur product within six months.The term should not be counted from the moment of purchase, but from the very beginning of the season. For example, if you bought a sheepskin coat in the middle of the season, then the time limit should be counted down to its end. And if there is something wrong with the product, then the store is simply obliged to replace the poor quality product. Or reimburse the entire cost of your acquired sheepskin coat. You should know that if from the moment you purchase a product, the price for it has increased significantly, then the store undertakes to refund it to you, focusing on new prices. If the price of the product has fallen, you will be reimbursed for the amount you spent on the purchase. According to article 18.

Now you know how to choose a sheepskin coat, and how to distinguish a fake from a real and high-quality thing. Follow our advice and let the purchased item please you with your quality as long as possible.