How to choose a skateboard?

Today, young people are increasingly keen on extreme sports, which include skateboarding. Many teenagers are seriously thinking about purchasing a skateboard. Much depends on his choice: the health of the skater, his progress and achievements in riding on the board, as well as its lifespan. Consider how to choose the right skateboard, what to focus for beginners and what boards are preferred by professionals.

Choosing a skateboard: tips

  1. The choice of a good skateboard directly depends on the place of its acquisition. Quality board can be purchased only in specialized points of sale or sports stores with a good reputation. Preference should be given to proven manufacturers. Among them are Krux, Independent, Bullet, Plan B, Element, etc.
  2. Beginners can start their workouts on the boards of experienced athletes. Those sometimes change their skateboards, buying newer ones or assembling them on their own (professionals prefer such boards). The option of buying a used board will allow you to save a lot, check yourself in skateboarding and find out your own preferences.
  3. When buying, pay attention to the deck, that is, the board.The good one is made of maple, it has 7 layers, glued with high-quality glue. On some you can find an additional plastic layer that facilitates sliding along the railing. But it is better for beginners to choose without this additional weighting, since their task is to learn how to ride a board and learn the simplest tricks. The width of the deck varies from 19 to 21.5 cm. Narrow decks are more maneuverable, but wide ones are stable and more suitable for riding along the ramp.
  4. Buying a skateboard, pay attention to the concave. So called side bends of the board, allowing to perform various tricks. The concave deeper, the better the athlete feels the board and the easier it is for him to jump.
  5. Wheels are a very important part of any skateboard. Professional skateboarders ride only on a hard wheel, because it increases speed and allows you to do quick acceleration. However, soft wheels have better grip, make driving more comfortable and easier to drive. Riding in the ramp is also better on a board with soft wheels.

How to choose a skateboard for a child

Safety of the child when riding a skateboard is the number one task, therefore we choose the best board.

  • Deca must be made of Canadian maple.
  • The length of the board is compared with the growth of the child.The larger and taller the young athlete, the longer we take the board. The width should not exceed 19 cm. Only after the child has mastered the basics of skateboarding, can the width of the board be selected depending on the style of riding.
  • Buy freshly made boards. Those that have lain in the warehouse for a long time may have cracks and quickly deform or even break.
  • Choose a skateboard with a perfectly flat surface.
  • For better grip and greater child safety, the wheels of a skateboard should not be too hard.

Choosing a good skateboard, you need to master the technique of riding on it.