How to choose an electric furnace

Modern electric furnaces, which operate on the basis of a tape heater, have many advantages. The fact is that they are quite simple to manage. In addition, modern electric furnaces are fireproof. You can independently make temperature adjustment. With the help of a furnace you can heat large areas, while the efficiency will not be lost. This equipment allows you to heat the sauna to the desired temperature. The electric furnace has a special design that allows you to protect the heater from moisture.
When choosing an electric furnace, be sure to consider all its characteristics. First of all, pay attention to power. This characteristic depends not only on the size of the steam room, but also on a few nuances. If there is a large door or window in the steam room, the calculation should be made according to the formula 1.5 kW per 1 m³ of room. The resulting figure should be increased by 30 percent. It is with this calculation that the furnace will produce work without overloads.In the steam room there will be a uniform and comfortable temperature. It is not recommended to make savings on the power of the furnace.
The design and size of the furnace can be very diverse. When choosing, pay attention not only to the color of the finish, but also to the size of the compartment in which the stones are folded. Note, the more stones can fit with the stove, the longer it will be kept warm in the room. The size has almost no effect on the capacity of the furnace. At the moment there are compact ovens that have high power. When choosing, be guided personally by your wishes. In the shops you can choose a stove that will perfectly suit the interior of your sauna.
Before buying and installing the oven, be sure to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Practically all furnaces carry out work from a network in 380B. That is why the slightest surge in voltage can cause damage to the device. If possible, install a stabilizer or backup power source.