How to choose leather furniture

The first and main criterion in the selection of leather furniture - the name of the manufacturer. Leather is perhaps the oldest material known to mankind. Even in ancient Egypt, bags made of animal skins were used as mattresses. The skin has unique, unique natural properties: it is warm, it breathes. The craftsmanship of making leather furniture accumulated over the centuries, and family secrets were passed from father to son. That is why the name of the manufacturer of this furniture is a guarantee of its quality. Self-respecting reputable companies give a lifetime warranty.

Leather furniture is not bought for nothing - it is not only a sign of aristocracy, prosperity and respectability, not only a luxurious piece of furniture, it is part of the family’s history, inherited from generation to generation. Only the best grades of leather, dressed and painted according to ancient technologies without the use of harmful chemicals, are used for its manufacture.

Many reputable world-renowned hotels, for example, Prague-1 hotels 3 aida stars use such furniture for interior decoration.

To impede the possibility of "pirated" fakes, manufacturers often make curly seams, which are difficult and cost-effective to repeat.

How to distinguish real skin from a fake? Hold a piece of material in your hands (they are always offered as samples) - it gets warmer from the warmth of your fingers, but the artificial will remain cold. The manufacturer of the skin always puts its mark.

If you cut a piece of leather and saw the strings of a textile base, you have a fake. This skin has a light pleasant smell, if the smell is too strong, it means that aromatic fragrance was used. It is often used in products from the so-called eco-leather, which in reality is solid synthetics.

If you are ripe for the purchase of such furniture, do not order it from the catalog - find an opportunity to see, touch, smell, sit on it. It is best to order the whole set at the same time, otherwise the tone of different interior items may not match.

Do not enjoy large discounts - it is obvious that the original price was very high, proven companies usually do not make discounts. Do not expect to buy another bed with the purchase of a leather sofa - this furniture is not designed for sleeping (the exception is a French folding bed).

Having made a purchase decision, provide these home furnishings with a decent place in your house or apartment - she, as a true aristocrat, is very demanding of her surroundings. Keep it away from the sun and do not place it near heating. But for many years you will have the opportunity not only to admire a work of art, but also to actively use it.