How to choose the perfect countertop?

Repair and arrangement of the kitchen is not easy and very important, because this very corner of the apartment is very significant, both for the hostess and for all the household. In a beautiful and well thought out kitchen, it is always pleasant to cook and have dinner, it is very important that it is always convenient here, because hot pans, splashing water and sharp knives are eternal companions of such premises.

After all the repair work is finished, a new question arises for the owners - a choice of beautiful and high-quality furniture that will please the eye and, of course, last as long as possible.

Important detail in the interior

The worktop is exactly that element of the kitchen decor that should harmoniously fit into the overall design, and also successfully fulfill its functional purpose.

Some few decades ago, people did not encounter such problems, because the entire kitchen set was sold as a complete set. Today we choose each piece of furniture separately, and the tabletop is no exception.

It should be noted that it becomes the main working surface on which all the basic cooking processes are performed. Here the question immediately becomes, how to choose a high-quality kitchen worktop? This is a difficult question, requiring a thorough approach and reflection, which we will try to understand.

The first thing most housewives pay attention to is, of course, the design of the work surface. This point is not fundamental, it can be talked about for a very long time, because everyone has different tastes.

Beautiful colour

The main point is the durability of the tabletop, it will depend on it how much you can use it without various problems. This, first of all, depends on the material, the choice of which will be based on several criteria: the range of possible budget, the style of the chosen kitchen, as well as personal habits and preferences.

You have to think in advance about what you would like, and whether your choice is reasonable in a particular situation. Some of the materials used to make the tabletop are very beautiful and spectacular, but in order to maintain their appearance, they must be regularly maintained and used properly. But some materials are more suitable as a dining surface than a working one.

You should also take into account the fact how often your family is at home and exploits the kitchen, because for active households a short-lived tabletop can become a serious problem: permanent scratches, abrasion of surfaces, cracks, and so on.

If you regularly cook, you should probably think about a work surface made of durable materials, which, by the way, is not always too expensive. And in general, it is noteworthy that the expensive table top does not mean high-quality and durable, so it's very important to start from a concrete situation.

The most common types of countertops

One of the most common and budget options. These countertops are represented by a variety of colors and textures, which does not complicate their choice in terms of design. There are more expensive options for chipboard, which are made of moisture-resistant material, which is very appropriate in the conditions of the kitchen room.

Available option

Such work surfaces are resistant to low temperatures, as well as a variety of mechanical stress. The disadvantages of such surfaces include the lack of heat resistance, as well as the fear of moisture at the places of cuts and joints, which can cause serious damage to the table top.

  • Fake diamond

A fairly common option, which is popular for its ability to create various original forms, in particular, it is convenient in custom-made kitchens. The advantages of this material include its resistance to moisture, average temperatures and a pleasant temperature to the touch, parts of the tabletop are easily connected, and the joints are almost not noticeable.

Fake diamond

Cons: scratch easily, there is no resistance to high temperatures, as well as the relatively high cost of production.

  • A natural stone

Do not be surprised, but it happens. It is not difficult to guess that the tabletops made of natural stone are very heavy, which means that the whole frame of the bottom drawers should be further strengthened. Such countertops are considered durable and incredibly wear-resistant, neutral to different temperatures and humidity, mechanical and chemical influences.

A natural stone

  • Plastic

Recently it has become quite popular material for the manufacture of kitchen countertops, which, in fact, not surprising, because really high-quality plastic can become the basis for a beautiful and durable work surface.

This material is absolutely calm about high humidity and various odors, even capable of withstanding elevated temperatures, although it is extremely acceptable. The disadvantages of this material are burnout in the sun, color may change over time, as well as melting at high temperatures.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel countertops - this is modern and very stylish, plus this - high quality and durable. Such material is very durable, neutral to high temperatures, moisture, odors and stains, it is not afraid of mechanical damage and cleaning.

The disadvantages are high thermal conductivity, as well as whatever it is, and small scratches, with time, still become visible.

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