How to choose the perfect wig?

You must admit that it is difficult to find such a woman who would not like to change, each time in her own reflection of the mirror to find something new, unusual and, of course, attractive.

To achieve such changes, it is enough to please yourself with a new hairstyle or haircut, as you know, it is with such a powerful tool like hair that a woman can drastically change her own image, though for the better and for the worse.

Looks good if you choose the right

Of course, no one forbids experimenting with his own appearance, but for now, you will not have enough health for such “transformations” for a long time, the body will protest and begin to hint at your displeasure in every possible way: your hair began to split, fall out or do not want to grow .

How to cope with such a nuisance, because you want so much to get another new, fashionable and incredibly stylish look! What can I say, situations are different, and suddenly you need to look just perfect at the nearest important event, and to put it mildly, the condition of your hair is not so hot?

And maybe you have problems with hair and this wild trouble should be somehow "veiled" before the coming of better times? To help, always come undeservedly forgotten, but very relevant to this day, wigs.

Celebrities often wear them

The name "wig" has French roots, where it, by the way, became popular, and, subsequently, spread all over the world. At first, wigs were used exclusively in theatrical performances, and, over time, became widespread and became an element of fashionable women's or men's toilets.

The wig is an excellent way for those who dream of a bright and extraordinary appearance, but, for some reason, can not experiment with what Mother Nature has honored.

You change quickly

In order to look natural and attractive in this "adaptation", it is necessary to know how to choose a wig from artificial or natural hair. Naturally, it is very important to choose exactly this model, which will suit the color, shape, length of the hair, thereby emphasizing your personality and natural beauty.

It is important to know how to make the process of choosing a wig as comfortable and enjoyable as possible so that the result will really please you.

What are the wigs?

Before you go for such a purchase, you need to know what they are and which of the possible options, to a greater extent, can fit into your image. First of all, wigs are divided into types depending on the materials used to create it: natural and artificial (synthetic).

What natural wigs are made from is easy to guess: natural hair that goes through a long and thorough processing, starting from sorting by length and thickness, ending with disinfection, washing and drying.

Natural hair wigs can be bought ready-made in the salon, or you can make it to order, where you will be taken the necessary measurements and, in a month or two of painstaking work of the masters, you will receive a finished product of individual size.

From natural hair

If necessary, natural hair before creating a wig, cut, dye, and sometimes even polished for further convenience of working with them. Such products can serve you from 2 to 5 years on condition of proper care, they can be “washed”, styled and dried, cut and even dyed, in fact, everything is the same as with natural hair.

The quality of such products leaves no doubt, however, and the price bites, but how can you save in such a delicate matter? The cheapest and most common wigs are made of synthetic materials, such as vinyl, acrylic or polyamide.

At first, a new product can hardly differ from natural options, but literally after a month or two of active use, such a wig becomes unusable.


Of course, such options are easier to buy, and they are inexpensive, but still it is highly undesirable to acquire them, because the quality of such a wig will surely upset you.

They look much worse, the hairs begin to quickly split, and they feel tougher and tougher than natural hair. Those who are looking for a middle ground between price and quality, the ideal option would be mixed types, wigs made half of natural and artificial hair.

Another good option is the wigs of their kanekalon, a material that was invented in Japan. Due to its good properties and composition (seaweed), it quickly spread throughout the world. These products look natural, you can note the closest resemblance to living and healthy hair.

Such a wig will last about a year, even in spite of an intense sock, it always keeps its shape well and looks very well-groomed. Mixed wigs do not need constant and thorough care, which saves you time and effort.

By the way, there are not only women's but also men's wigs, most often, they seek help from such tricks not because of their own whims, but of necessity, because losing your own hair for men is a big tragedy.

How to choose a wig for yourself?

After we dealt with the technology of making wigs, each of them concluded which type would suit him best, you can begin to understand the shape, length and color.

If you are the owner of fair skin, then you can use cool shades of light brown colors, ashy shades, black and red. Dark-skinned girls should pay attention to brown, bright and red wigs, and all shades of red will suit ladies with freckles.

Forms are different

If you want to look older, choose dark colors, but in order to appear younger, you need to pay attention to warm golden and chestnut colors.

Now, as for the shape of the face.Ladies with an oval face shape are subject to any experiments with regards to the shape, and with regards to the length of the hair. Win-win option - a classic parting in the middle and long straightened curls.

Round-cut girls are best served with wigs with short hair and elongated locks on the sides. Avoid too smoothed and "licked" hair, they will further emphasize your "roundness".

The square shape of the face requires a wig that can accentuate the cheekbones and slightly change too “straight” proportions of the face. The face in the shape of a heart will look best in a wig with light or large curls, the shape with curls to the chin will also look advantageous.

How to wear?

Do not forget before you wear a wig, be sure to shake it and lightly comb it with your hand so that it looks more natural.

Remember that such a thing requires compulsory care: first, you will need a special brush with soft bristles for regular brushing. Secondly, do not forget that the artificial wig can not be subjected to any heating - drying with a hair dryer, curling irons and various stylers for it are simply contraindicated.

After each wearing, the hairs should be gently straightened.As for the "bathing", remember that this procedure must be performed very carefully.

To do this, you will need a basin with lukewarm water, where we first dissolve the shampoo. We send a wig into it for 10-15 minutes to lie down, after which we gently rinse it and take it out, blotting it with a towel.

Initially, it must be dried on a towel, and then on a special form for drying, which follows the shape of your head. Remember that wet wig can not be combed in any case, be sure to wait until it dries.

Experiment and be beautiful!

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