How to clean a fur coat?

The appearance of a person is of great importance in interpersonal perception. As you know, they meet on clothes, well, escorted as they will. That is why, today, we will touch on the topic of appearance, and, in essence, we will answer the question of how to clean a fur coat. So:

Proper cleaning of fur products

We divide our article into several parts, where you can learn how to clean this or that item from your fur wardrobe. Let's start with a mink coat.

  • How to clean a mink coat? We immediately clarify that cleaning at home is appropriate only if the pollution is not serious. In order to clean the light dirt you need a cloth or rag dipped in gasoline. A piece of cloth must be clean. Before wiping the contaminated area, squeeze the cloth properly. Further, it is necessary to repeatedly wipe the fur so that the movement of the arm coincides with the direction of the long nap. A short nap should be rubbed against its direction. Various hair shampoos can also be used to clean furs.One tablespoon of shampoo will require 250 ml of water. After wiping the fur, you should repeatedly “walk” on its surface with a moistened cotton swab.
  • How to clean a mouton fur coat? Many experienced lovers of fur coats are advised to clean the fur with semolina. How can this be done? Put the semolina on the area of ​​the fur coat, which has been contaminated. After that, it is necessary to gently rub the flour with fur in the palms. As a result of such manipulations, semolina will turn black, as its particles will collect dirt. After that, you need to shake off the grits and clean out the remnants of it with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • How to clean a white or light fur coat? A special attitude to yourself involves caring for a fur product made of white fur. The fact is that it is white products that are so often contaminated. Well, over time, a white coat can be very yellow. If a fur coat is purchased recently, it is best to use a hydrogen peroxide solution. Periodically wipe the coat with a solution with proportions of one tablespoon of peroxide per liter of water. If the fur coat has been contaminated, the following steps can be taken.You will need starch and refined gasoline, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Previously, it was called "aviation." It is necessary to dissolve the starch with gasoline and this mixture to treat the problem area of ​​fur. Then leave to dry. After that, gently shake out a fur coat.
  • How to clean a fur coat from a rabbit? The method of cleaning a similar coat is to use bran. You will need the following mixture to clean the product: denatured alcohol and ammonia should be mixed in equal proportions; then mix one unit of this solution with three units of salt and 50 units of water. Treat the problem area. After that, you need to wipe the coat with a clean linen towel. Now you need to shake the fur coat and gently knock it out.
  • How to clean a fur coat from a beaver? In this case, dry white sand will help you, as it is ideal for cleaning just such a wool. In order for the cleaning effect to be noticeable, the sand must be hot. For convenience, lay the fur coat on a uniform surface, sprinkle sand on the problem area and gently wipe the skin with the palm of your hand.Do not forget to pour clean sand and shake off contaminated. Do not be afraid of the fact that your hands get dirty, because the white sand does not leave dirt. In addition, this cleaning of fur helps your hands, also get rid of deep skin impurities.

The methods described in our article can answer the question of how to clean a fur coat at home. If you are unsure if this contamination will disappear, then it is best to contact a proven dry cleaner. Many entrepreneurs use poor-quality methods of cleaning clothes and can ruin your fur coat. Therefore, it is worth contacting even if it is an expensive, but good office.