How to clean?

Few can be found female representatives who sincerely love to engage in cleaning. But the end result is loved by everyone without exception. In our article we will explain how to make cleaning your home a quick and exciting experience.

In this process, relying on anyone is not necessary, except for themselves. The children have lessons, and the husband, by chance, is at that time engaged in some urgent business. Therefore, we proceed to cleaning yourself.

Action algorithm

  1. For a start, note that the mess in the house is created because of incorrectly lying things. To significantly improve the appearance of the apartment, they simply enough to return to their seats. Get yourself a small rule to devote at least 5 minutes every morning to put the thing in its place. You yourself will soon see how you will be more careful in your apartment.
  2. If you are waiting for guests, the question arises how to do the cleaning quickly? To do this, start with the hallway: place all the shoes, if it is dirty, be sure to wash it or clean it altogether. Wipe the floor in the hallway - he is the face of the apartment.This is the first thing your guests will notice.
  3. After things are laid out in the apartment, and the hallway is already washed, start cleaning the dust. Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. Do not forget to rinse it periodically. Do not disregard the TV screen and computer.
  4. The turn comes to the towels. They need to change to fresh. For aroma towels can be sprinkled with toilet water. Just do not forget to replace the bed linen. Before going to bed, you don�t have enough strength for it. Remove extra bottles and jars from the bathroom. Put them in a special basket or a designated locker.
  5. We take up the plumbing. To give the snow-white purity of your bathroom, wipe it with powder bleach. Pay particular attention to the drainage and side surfaces.
  6. Wipe the tiles and mirrors with a clean cloth. To do this, you can still use paper towels slightly moistened with vinegar. It will easily give shine to smooth surfaces.
  7. It was the turn of the sink and shower. To clean them, use special tools that easily wash off water deposits.
  8. Now feel free to wear rubber gloves and go to clean the toilet.Do not forget about the problem area under the rim of the toilet and the tank.
  9. Collect mats from the bathroom and toilet. Put them in a basin of water, pouring detergent or powder. Give the mats some time to soak in the soapy water.
  10. While our mats soak, proceed to the kitchen. Here too, strict orderliness is needed.
  11. Take care of the dishes.
  12. Wash the sink.
  13. Clean the stove. These are the things that give out not too neat hostess.
  14. Now change the kitchen towels, as well as sponges and dishcloths. Everything must be fresh.
  15. By the same principle you need to clean up the rest of the room.

After tidying up in all the rooms, we start cleaning the floors. If you prefer to vacuum the floors, still prefer wet cleaning. It is more beneficial to your health.

General Cleaning Tips

  1. Remove dust from surfaces forever, and do not move it from one place to another.
  2. Wet clean only after dry. Otherwise, dust from things will settle on the newly cleaned surfaces.
  3. Wet cleaning not only cleans the house of dirt and dust, but also humidifies the air.
  4. How to make a spring cleaning quality? Always move from top to bottom. First, remove the upper surfaces or floors and gradually descend below.
  5. Want a pleasant experience - do not leave complex pollution. They need to be removed immediately after the appearance, when the spots have not yet eaten much into the surface.
  6. Wash your kitchen more often than other rooms and you don�t have to spend a lot of time cleaning out burned fat or yellow spots.
  7. To set the mood while cleaning, turn on some fun music and enjoy the process itself.
  8. And finally, teach your household to clean up after themselves. This should be the rule for every family member.

Thanks to our advice, you now know how to make cleaning organized and fast. One has only to start and you will be delayed in this fascinating process.