How to combine a bag and shoes: stylish images of 2017

Unsuccessful shoes or bags that do not harmonize with each other or the image as a whole can completely ruin even the most beautiful outfit.

Are there rules how to choose the perfect pair of bags and shoes? After all, the times when the bag and shoes of the same color and design were considered the right choice and a sign of good taste were left behind. Now it is possible to give vent to your imagination and, it would seem, combine the incompatible, although we should not forget about some rules, because our goal is to create a harmonious image that would emphasize our individuality. As Coco Chanel said: "Careless toilet - look at him, impeccable - look at the woman herself."

These are rules, but not laws. Although one law probably exists - everything should be appropriate. Evening duet for the evening, and everyday - for the bright time of the day. So, you can combine a bag and shoes according to the following principles:

1. By Color

Combining a bag and shoes of the same color is permissible in monochrome kits or to recreate ensembles in retro style. In order to combine accessories in color, one of them must be monochromatic, and the other - multicolored. You can always choose one of the shades of a multi-color element and repeat it in the second accessory. As we can see from the example of the first pair, the pink color of the shoes is one of the three on the bag. And on the contrary, a monophonic bag in combination with color shoes. It is not necessary to follow the full color match. You can use the colors of the same range or colors that complement each other. One of the accessories can act as the main accent, or both objects can emphasize the color of each other in a winning manner.

2. According to the picture

Perfectly duets look, where one accessory is with a pattern, and the other is monophonic. Drawing on the bag and shoes can be completely different, but then it should be kept in the same color scheme. In order not to overload the image with details, remember that a simple geometric pattern and a floral / floral print are very well combined. You can use the same pattern for both the bag and the shoe, but then it must be of different size or color.

3. By texture

As for the texture, then again the rule is that one accessory should dominate. For example, the lacquer bag and shoes look rather vulgar together. Lacquer bag is best complemented by shoes made of suede or just matte leather, and vice versa. Weaving and products from straw or textiles as a whole are in good harmony with any material other than its own. Bags or shoes made of rubber look great with suede and textiles, while accessories made of metal or with metallic sheen are best worn with suede.

4. According to the decor

Often, designers add rich or voluminous decor to a product. An accessory used in a pair with such a complex element, on the contrary, should be extremely concise. So you can present an elegant piece of your wardrobe with great chic. Also, you can pick up shoes and a bag combined by a common idea, where the decorative technique does not repeat literally. In the picture in the third pair, the gold ball on the ballet shoes responds in a polka-dot pattern on the bag, and sandals in the spirit of constructivism in the pair No 4 echo the geometric pattern.

5. By Design

One of the easiest and laxest rules that is easy to follow is the combination of accessories for design.The bag and shoes of round shapes look more harmonious and, on the contrary, the shoes of clear lines will be the perfect complement to the bag of rigid form.




6. By style

Of course, grunge is very fashionable and mix various styles creating unusual images very fashionable, but no one has canceled outfits belonging to the same style. How beautiful can be French chic, minimalism or a classic in its purest form. Why not choose a stylish pair in a nautical style or bohemian chic? Many fashionable women prefer to follow their favorite style. This is very conducive to creating an image that is associated only with you.