How to conduct a master class?

The organization of any master class is a very difficult and painstaking exercise, which must be treated with all seriousness. Many people think that it is very simple to hold a master class, you just need to know well what you are talking about. But then these people are faced with a huge heap of problems that rolls on them like a snowball that cannot be stopped. Time is running out, people have confirmed participation and presence at the event, but so far nothing is ready. We need to remember the first rule in how to conduct a master class: the audience can not and should not wait. The head of the master class is obliged to do everything to talk about him, and his event began not only to discuss, but to quote. Preparation of any master class can be divided conditionally into three points - preparation of the event, feedback on the event, analysis of the event and feedback. But, if you start going into the details of conducting any master class, it immediately becomes clear that there are actually more such steps.

Search for a venue

Everyone understands that a master class is not just a conversation of a club of interest over a cup of delicious tea or ordinary gatherings, where everyone talks about his or her own and does not have a common topic. The master class should be held at the highest level. It all starts with finding a place for a master class. Indeed, where to hold a master class. Before you enter into a lease and make a payment, you should carefully examine the premises offered to you. Check if there are enough sockets for all connecting devices. Mentally you need to imagine where the tables will be located for students, as well as the place of the storytellers. It is necessary to immediately think of a plan for the location of the projector with respect to the place where the screen will hang. One of the most important moments is to check the room acoustics. It is necessary to check this item in order not to face the problem at the event that only the first rows will be able to hear the narrator.

Attributes for the master class

When the choice of a specific room for the master class will be made, the time will come to engage in special paraphernalia.All attributes at the event should be with the image of the logo of the organization that conducts the master class. There is no need to be greedy or stingy. You never know what a small piece of paper will interest the listener. It is necessary to immediately determine the number of people who will be present at the master class in order to choose the way to select leaders. It is best to use standard badges. With the help of such badges, students will not miss important people who can become sources of new and very useful information for them. Also, one of the options is to provide all the organizers, as well as speakers at the master class, with the same form.

Interaction with the media

In order for the master class not to fail before it has begun, it is necessary immediately after the selection of a suitable venue for the print and electronic media to post press releases of the upcoming event. Reports on the master class should be posted on various information sites. In order not to disseminate information on superfluous information portals, you must immediately determine the audience of listeners who find this information interesting and useful.

Preparation before the start of the master class

The most important thing in the process of conducting any master class - there should be no hesitations and stumbles. This is why it is necessary some time before the event itself, to come to the venue and recheck the performance of all equipment. If the opportunity arises, it is best to take the time to check the multimedia players and other playback devices. For all special guests it is necessary to reserve seats in advance. Regardless of where you decide to hold the master class, you should place the writing pens in a prominent place, as well as paper, which, if necessary, can be taken by anyone. Before starting a master class, you need to ask again whether everyone has everything you need to write.

Completion of the master class

At the end of the story you need to give the audience the most interesting information. Do not limit the time to questions that will be asked by those present. In any case, such a conclusion of the event will be much more interesting than the monotonous dialogue of the speaker or someone from the organizers of the project.Let's hope that it has become more clear to everyone who has read how to conduct a master class.