How to configure Agent in the mobile

It should be remembered that the GPRS-Wap, which is used for most other tasks on the mobile Internet, is not suitable for the installation and correct operation of the Mail.Ru Agent program.
Helpful advice
If you have an account in ICQ, you can link it to your Mail.Ru Agent and connect simultaneously. The latest versions of Mail.Ru Agent also allow you to add contacts of such popular social networks as Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and others.
By opening your account settings, you can change the sound signals of incoming messages and mail, specify a list of ignored contacts and more.
Via Mail.Ru Agent you can view your email inbox by going to the appropriate tab. In bold, unread emails will be highlighted. They can be read, answered and / or deleted in the basket.
Mobile Mail.Ru Agent supports most of the functions and options of the Mail.Ru Agent used for a personal computer.A wide selection of smiles, the possibility of free sending sms-messages, the transfer of video, photos and other file types, as well as obtaining information about traffic jams, the possibility of laying routes on maps, etc.