How to congratulate her husband on his birthday?

The next birthday of the beloved husband is coming, and the traditional postcards, poems and home feast are already fed up, and you want something new, original, so that the congratulations turn out bright? How to congratulate her husband on his birthday?

The right gift

What is a birthday without a gift? Your husband also wants to get something interesting, useful and pleasant on this day, even if he modestly declares that he does not need to spend money on him. So think carefully about your husband's habits, his hobbies and hobbies. They tell you what is best suited to her husband as a gift.

Avoid giving household items: the husband will also be “happy” with a set of wrenches on his holiday, just like you, if you are presented with a set of pans. Nevertheless, a birthday is a personal holiday, a holiday for the soul, and therefore it is necessary to give what a person likes!

Ideas for congratulations

How to congratulate her husband on his birthday? We offer several ideas from different women, perhaps something will suit you.

Romantic breakfast in bed

Usually both of you sleep to the victorious, competing in who will turn off the next alarm bell faster? Today everything should be different! Get up early, and while your favorite sleepy is asleep, clean yourself up: brush your hair, put on light makeup, put on beautiful clothes. Next, make your favorite coffee or flavored tea. Together with a drink on a tray, let them be fresh croissants (or a piece of festive cake) and ripe fruit. Instead, you can serve brandy and strawberries with whipped cream, if the man does not need to work. You bring all this to bed, wake your beloved with a light kiss and a hug, congratulate you on your birthday and start feeding!

In search of adventures

Men, like children, love to play. But only they have different toys. Arrange for the husband a mini-trip around the apartment in search of a gift. To do this, you can glue the apartment with stickers, each of which will direct the man in different directions. The search process can be diluted with nice bonuses (task on the next sticker: “kiss your wife 3 times”), funny tasks and mini-gifts. At the end of the search, let the man find a long-awaited gift and a heart-shaped cake.

Delicious woman

How to congratulate her husband on his birthday? Have your husband dinner right on his own. He comes home from work, opens the door with a key, walks into the room, and there - in the twilight by candlelight you lie all so beautiful, naked and coated with all sorts of goodies - sushi, fruit, whipped cream all over your body, etc. like it!

Love confession

A declaration of love can be made itself. To do this, you can choose the best photos of your husband and make a presentation or a video with compliments, congratulations and confessions to a pleasant music. You can write a confession to your husband in verse, but better in your own, rather than from the Internet, and in the evening for a romantic dinner with a sense of reading them. Another option: buy a large pack of tea bags. The package itself should be glued with colored paper or any other material to make the box beautiful, and to each tea bag add a small envelope containing a piece of paper with a pleasant compliment or acknowledgment for the husband. Let it be his personal tea, which he will surely drink with pleasure!

Sultan and dancer

If it turned out that on your Birthday your husband had to work all day and in the evening came squeezed like a lemon, let him relax! You can make dinner by candlelight with a luxurious table,but it can be made more original. Identify the room for the holiday, clean the middle of the space and lay out the colored pillows around the room. Make a place where the husband will sit, next put a table with delicacies. Light the candles, turn off the lights. Wear the costume of an Indian dancer or stripper (do not be shy, you can do it at home in front of your husband, there is nothing wrong with that!). Turn on the appropriate music. When the husband comes home in the evening, meet him, help him undress and escort him to the room. While he will rest and eat, you will dance for him a private dance or belly dance to the music - which one you decide! Then you can massage your husband all over his body, and if he is relaxed, does not fall asleep with pleasure, then a night of love will surely await you!

Fantasy, sincerity and love will help you find the answer to the question of how to congratulate your husband on his birthday. After all, no one except yourself knows better than to please a loved one on his main day of the year!